Monday, June 20, 2011

Artwork and learny stuff

We have been doing HEAPS of arts and crafts here lately. Dragonett Lass has been writing up a storm = practicing her letters and her sentence structure, that sort of thing. She even wrote her very first, unassisted fully spelt word - so excited!!

lol, I'm aware that it's not a fabulous, genius inspired word, but hey , it's a start! (Oso, for those that don't know, Agent Oso is a Foxtel show) All by her own little mind!! I'm doubly impressed as she was only last week, struggling with her 'S''s, doing them backwards and getting upset that she 'couldn't do them right' - she was SO impressed that she got it 'right' (it only matters to her, we don't feel that pressuring her is the right way to do things. As long as SHE thinks its good, that's all that matters at this age!)

More Practicing

Her Second Word "START" - she knew that she was missing a letter in the middle, but couldn't remember which one until I told her 'A'

See the 'BIOX..." she does that (or very similar) at the start of nearly every piece of paper she does writing on. We don't yet know what it means, but I love that she does it everytime!!

See?? lol

Some Crafty stuff - This is our House

Our Family - complete with belly buttons

Some Tadpoles (We went to the Nature Education Centre and bought some tadpoles)

Would you believe, Dragonett Lass came up to me and showed me her new drawing - A Page of Music!! She had written a page a notes. I have another one that shows 'fast notes' and 'slow notes'. So Cool!!


  1. We have been going craft mad and practicing writing and 'sight words' here as well.
    I am so totally drained!

  2. lol, same here!! So much fun though!! :D


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