Saturday, May 21, 2011

A New Section - Camping

Okay, we have a new section as of tonight. Gees, the rate I'm going, we are going to need to splinter off into heaps of dedicated blogs - lol - but I know I'm too lazy for that!

Anyhoo, Camping.

I feel like adding a section dedicated to my Camping Dreams. I haven't been camping since I met and married DragonPapa - who loathes camping. It hasn't worried me until recently, but having grown up in a camping family, I can now feel the call of the wild pulling at me!

I find I am longing for empty vistas, filled only with nature, far away from modern life. I want to be able to feel as though noone else has ever been there - like when we were kids.



Sooo, to this end, I am assembling our Camping Equipment. Well, as we have little to no money, I am assembling it as I find it at Rummage Sales, garage sales or op shops!

I just wanted a little section for me, just for me, so that I can keep a sort of track of what we have, without dragging it out everytime. It will (hopefully) also keep me on track and limit the amount of crap stuff I get. Camping for me, is going with the most basic you can, without making life too freaken hard! If that makes sense lol. I don't want to be overflowing with equipment, spend all the time unpacking, then packing and sorting and ..... well, I can suppose you know where I am going with that.

So to start and as I go, I will copy and add the new stuff to the list - So this is what we have already -

Bedding :-
               2 kids sleeping bags
               1 single sleeping pad

Cleaning Stuffs :-
               Wash-up basin
               Tupperware Camping Pumppack for detergent ( I SO SO SO want more of these!!!!!)

Cooking :-
              Vintage Grill/Stove - mini
              Tupperware Containers (more than enough)
              Camp Frypan & Billie & Mug

Kitchen :-
             Tupperware bowl and plate combos
             Tupperware travel mugs with lids
             Collapsible wooden bowl

Furniture :-
              2 Kids Camping Chairs
              2 Adults camping Chairs
              1 folding wooden stool

Refrigeration/Heating :-
              2 Eskies - One modern, one vintage
              1 Pump action thermos
              2 drinking eskies with spouts

okay, so far so good. Still need some of the more important stuff ... like a tent ROFL, but we'll get there. God has provided all this so far, its going to be SO interesting to see what He supplies next!

If you, my dear reader, can think of anything that you think is missing and that you find a Must when camping yourselves, feel free to let me know!

So my Want List at the moment is :-
              Tent (lol)
              A couple of floor canvases
              Sleeping bags for DragonPapa and myself
              blowup/padded mattress (because of my back)
              A Folding table (that can fit in a standard car)
              Lanterns and torches
              A Big Billie or Kettle (drinks and washing)

*Psst - pictures pinched from the 'Net. If you see yours, let me know and I can either credit you or remove

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