Saturday, May 21, 2011

How can you love doing something you totally and incredibly SUCK at??

 What a lovely pair of bright happy pants, yes? I love this fabric and have been planning to turn them into pants for P for ages.

Well, I LOVE LOVE sewing. I really do. Its something that seems to suit my soul, if that's not too sloppy.
But the problem is ... I totally SUCK at it. Pattern or not, doesn't matter. It rarely ever looks like what I pictured or even what the picture on the packet of the pattern shows.

These pants were the third pattern I had tried in my quest to make P's pants for him ... Here's the result ...

They never seem to fit properly on the inseam. For whatever reason, they always sit waaaaaaay too low at the back and always look like he's smuggling a blanket down his front. Argh!
So off I toddle to one of my favorite forums and ask what the hell I'm doing wrong. After some sage advice (everyone was really nice about it too) I rejigged the pattern and upped the sizing ...

Bloody HELL! It sits a bit better - but still ' V 's at the waistband and poor boy looks like he's got a mother who puts his nappies on backwards!

I give up! The next step is to cut up one of his existing pants and make a pattern that way ... we'll see!


  1. lol! At least you give it a try and create something that at least resembles what you are trying to make! I am TRULY terrible at sewing....really - your pants are awesome!

  2. Thanks Jo, just wish I could get them to fit - lol


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