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Day 7: Organize Your Books, DVDs, and/or CDs

Day 7: Organize Your Books, DVDs, and/or CDs

Sunday 15th May

Well, for the first time, I see this disclaimer on the emails ...

What you can achieve in 5 minutes will depend on the size of your various collections.

No? Really?? hahaha

Anyway, as this email runs similar to the Organise Your Living Area, I'm assuming that the email is meaning another room or area, so I have treated it as this. We have several bookcases in this house as well as the entertaining area.

I have been a bit naughty and will copy the main portion email for you ...

Step 1: Take a large box (or bag) to your bookshelves, or wherever you store your library. Moving quickly from top left to bottom right, put into the box:

Books you've read and won't re-read
Unread books you're never likely to read
Books that contain out-of-date information (that means most reference books, encyclopedias, etc)
Old textbooks - unless you graduated, like, this decade
Binders of seminar/course info (unless you really believe you'll refer to them)
Archived magazines (do you ever look back at them?)
Manuals for software or computers you no longer use
Software CDs for programs you no longer use
Computer games the kids (or you) have outgrown
CDs you no longer listen to
CDs ripped to your iPod and backed up on your computer (if you only want the CD booklet, just keep that)
DVDs you've seen and won't re-watch
DVDs the kids have outgrown
Unseen DVDs you're never likely to watch
Photo albums you never look at
Photo albums that have negative memories
Video or audio cassettes if you no longer have players for them.

Now, this is all good info. As A Self Confessed Hoarder though, even I don't keep some of this sort of stuff, so it boggles my mind that anyone else would, who would be doing this challenge, but ... stranger things have happened I suppose. And there is certainly NO way to complete this in any where close to 5 minutes.

One thing that makes my Hoarding Instincts SCREAM with despair, is the thought of people throwing out photo albums just because they haven't looked at them lately. I can fully understand the idea of tossing photo albums of negative things, but I have seen families throw out decades and centuries of memories and I just feel it is a crime to lose this connection with our past.
So instead of simply chucking these memories out, consider having them put on CD or DVD at least, sot hat sometime in the future, if someone shows any interest in your family history, you can at least have some sort of record.

Anyway, back on track - It took me about 1/2 hour to just clean out my bookshelf in my bedroom and that was a 'Chuck & Stack' sort as well. DVDs and CDs were done in the Organise your Living Area as well as magazines and the like.

So, overall - a bit of doublehandling with 2 emails, but that could just be me, and while no where near 5 minutes, it was accepted that if you had a larger collection (what, more than 5? lol) it would take longer.

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