Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 6: Freshen Up Your Crockery & Glassware

Day 6: Freshen Up Your Crockery & Glassware

Saturday 14th May
In today's 5 minutes we're going to freshen up your crockery and glassware
This one looked fun and was fun!

Now this one was to get rid of anything that shouldn't be in your crockery and glassware cupboards - oh, in Aussie speak, clear out your dishes and glasses cupboards - lol

I do this as we toddle along in our daily lives. Anything that is chipped- even a little bit, is binned in this house. Perfect breeding ground for nasties and also dangerous for little lips and fingers. The email said to get a binbag and line it with newspaper, but as we use our papers for our fire, I opted for a box - bit safer with kidlets around as well.

Now, we are supposed to get rid of anything that is stained (fair enough) poor condition (again, fully agree) and any ugly promotional items (totally agree!!) but one other 'rule/suggestion' was anything Mismatched goes out as well.

HA! If I did this, I would have nothing left! lol

Step 4 certainly gave me a chuckle...
Thats why my stuff is Mismatched! rofl
Step 4: If you need to replace any items, make a note on your shopping list.
A) Because its that easy to simply run and buy more kitchen stuff  *insert eyeroll* not to mention, ethically bad for the enviroment and B) Thats the reason WHY I have Mismatched Items - ROFL
Then, tidy up the rest of your cupboards so that everything is together and stuff you use more is easily reachable. Now, as I stated earlier, we already do this whenever we see a chip or crack, so it was merely a clean-up. We only have two small cupboards - a plate/bowl cupboard (adults) and glass/mug cupboard (adults). Doing a quick tidy STILL took more than 5 minutes. Unfortunately, another time fail.
And you're done!
The 'Got an Extra 5 Minutes?' bit was a tad puzzling.

Decide to abandon your 'special occasion' stash.
If you have glasses, crockery or other items you only use for special occasions, consider abandoning this idea.
If the items are too delicate or not your taste, perhaps you could donate them?
If they're nice and usable, perhaps you could integrate them with your everyday stuff and get pleasure out of them more regularly? You'll also save yourself the trouble of packing them away after every use.

I can see where she might have been going with this, but anyone with small children will know, if its nice, and out, its gunna get broke. So having only child friendly-ish glasses, crockery or such items, while practical, is not very 'adult' when having friends or family over. Don't know about anyone else, but drinking a nice white wine out of a chunky, drop/smash resistant water glass or even a lovely plastic My Little Pony cup, just doesn't do it for me.
So, I chose to leave my nice wine goblets in their box at the back of the glasses cupboard and the nicer plates under the 'daily use' ones and pack them away after every use happily.

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