Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 5: Organize Your Household Information Center

Day 5: Organize Your Household Information Center

Friday 13th May
- In today's 5 minutes we're going to organize your noticeboard or household information area.
As I have recently already done this, all that was required was a clean up and reshuffle of the current bills to the front and the older bills (and the unpaid ones - teehee) put away in the To Be Filed Box.
Now the email stated to remove all paperworky stuffs (like kids artwork, bills that sort of thing) from their various resting places - ie. fridge, bench, pinboards...
Then you were to quickly remove only the most current or useful bits. Now of these pieces, place them in chronological order (avoiding piles on benches) on your fridge or pinboard.

Then from your reject pile, put anything you want to keep... or as the email so nicely put it ...
From the remaining items, put anything you really want to keep (really?) in a memory box
As for everything else – chuck it (recycle, shred - do your bit people!!)

Now, it took me about 2-4 minutes to just go through the past months small collection of bills (been a bit busy then sick  - that why there is a gap in my postings). Another 'No Way!' response from me for this 5 minute task.

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