Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 3: Organize Your Kitchen Utensils

Okay, Day 3: Organize Your Kitchen Utensils

Wednesday 11th May - Day 3.

Now, this was the first one to be completed in the stated '5mins' - and it was on-the-dot - as in we had all the utensils we were keeping in my hands ready to go back in the drawer as the timer went off.

I did not realise that we had 11 wooden spoons!! Who needs 11 wooden spoons? I don't have that many pots ..... ooh, hang on - LOL

BUT ... in this house, we have a separate drawer for the sharp knives - safety - I have never understood people that put their big sharp knives in with their wooden spoons and spatulas, easy way to get cut if you ask me! So that drawer didn't get done. Also, we don't keep any baking stuff in the utensil drawer - measuring spoons and the like are all in their own Tupperware container with the measuring cups, scrapers, brushes, etc. I'm supposing, after reading the email for Day 3, that many people keep all these things crammed in together - no wonder people hate the utensil drawer!!

But we managed to get rid of about 1/3 of the clutter - we should be able to open the drawer now - lol

Overall, a nice easy one!

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