Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1: Declutter Your Living Area

Monday 9th May

Okay, I got my first email and started on Day 1: Declutter Your Living Area

It said that take 5 mins and get rid of all Magazines and other print media, Knick-knacks, games - board and electronic, books, Books, photos, you get the gist.
Basically, anything not in constant use or needed.

Well.... FAIL!! It took more than 5 minutes to browse and clean out the DVD shelf. With the whole list, it took about an hour (not that I finished in that time). The list goes on to say if you have a spare 5 minutes (insert laughing DragonMumma here lol) Return items that don't belong in the living area to the proper place - the kids' bedrooms, the office, the kitchen, etc. Straighten the coffee table and wipe it down. Neaten remotes, DVDs, and anything else that lives in the living room. Yeah ... no. For us, that is simple everyday part of tidying up.

Fluff up the cushions. That one is funny to us here - do people really do this??

Anyway, I have established that 5 minutes is not actually do-able. At least for me. Well... not do-able for anyone I know other than my mother, who is the epitome of Modern Minimalism.

But before anyone thinks that I'm bagging this out, I think that it is a great tool for a schedule or routine for working on different areas of your house.

So, the lounge room is put off for another day until I can finish it off.

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