Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our " P " Party

~*" P "*~

We recently decided to have a day devoted to Beginning Sounds/Phonics.
So, we called it "The 'P' Party".
It was a day devoted to anything that starts with the letter 'P'
Here we have a Parrot, a Pirate, a Prince and a Princess.

Then we did some 'Painting'on the 'Porch'
- we tried to Paint things that started with 'P' of course

Then we did "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"

And "Pass the Parcel"

And during the whole Party. we were writing down all the words we came across that were 'P'.

Then they made a "Play Castle"

 We then had homemade "Pizza" and then J stayed over for his first sleepover here, then in the morning, we had "Purple Pancakes".

We also went out and did a Mosaic Day at one of my Home Schooling/ Natural Learning  groups. It was GREAT! A got to make a mosaic tile, play all day with others, explore the farm we were at, a great day had by all!
I even got to have a go...

Soon, we will be doing another day where we will finish them off - looking forward to that!

Family Life

A few posts ago, I told you about our latest additions to the family. I promised photos, so here they are.
Bubbas at about 4 days old.

We had to build a small partition to stop the babies crawling down the ramp after mum.
Works surprisingly well. 

Tonight -

Awwwww, so cute!!! Another 2 weeks and they will be removed and we'll be setting Mindy up for another breeding in a few weeks to a month or so.

Doing some cooking at home. Yummy! While it was a packet cake, it was the yummiest cake we have ever had here!!

P's first beater! lol Hasn't quite mastered the beater lick yet!!

Poor P! He refused to go to bed, but when I couldn't hear him after a few minutes, I came looking and found this... aaaaawwwwwwww

 ~ Art in this house ~ lol

A and P (apparently)

The 'Boys'

and at the bottom of pumpkin, is A's 2 versions and mine is over here on the right.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Op Shop Bargains!

As my more regular readers will know (HA!) every Tuesday, my best friend and I go to our weekly Rummage Sale. As we have been going for a long while now (and becoming quite good regulars LOL), we have gotten to know the Volunteers there. Big M, Little M and T are the 'main' volunteers that we got to know almost straight away, with S and a few others along the way. My BFF (I have ALWAYS wanted to say that! rofl) and I started out by helping packup one day when Big M was upset that only a few volunteers showed up to help and there was a HUGE pile of crap to clean up. To top it off, it was a stinker of a day. So J and I stayed to help clean up. That has progressed to every week, we give a hand to clean away the boxes and bags of clothes. Its been a wonderful pleasure to get to know these wonder people.

One thing that has J and I laughing is this dilemma...

There are quite a few 'resellers' there - you know, those people that buy cheap then take it and sell it online/at carboot sales/etc. Most are obvious, some not so.

Now, we have been going for awhile. It came up once and we laughed it off. But with our latest purchase of extreme excitement (that will come later!) it came up again. It occurred to us (later) that one of the volunteers was particularly insistent about our not getting rid of it, at the time, we didn't understand. But we came to understand that at least he thinks we are ... A Re-Seller! *gasp*

So what part is our dilemma?

With all the stuff we buy every week (this last week, we filled TWO cars!) do we ...

A) Let them think we are re-sellers
B) Own up to the shame that we are NOT re-sellers, but in fact buy everything for ourselves? ROFL

Anyhoo - here's what we go this week ~

First off, I found this gorgeous piece of wood. Found at the last moment, I'm sure that the reason no-one bought it was that no-one knew what it was!

Can you guess?

 Isn't it gorgeous? A lovely wooden bowl! Going straight into the Camping box!

 Then, My Most Prized possession of the week - My Vintage Ironing Board!!

I got it because of the sleeve bit that swings under when you're not using it. I loathe ironing, but detest doing sleeves, so I figured this would be a great way to do it. Not only that, its much lighter than my existing one and the legs are heaps easier to open and close. It was only after I bought it, that I realised it was vintage. YAY!!

I can't find anything on the 'net about this, other than some photos of boards that are in worse condition than my mint condition Ironing Board. If any of my readers know any more details, feel free to message me!

Also got this really cute and petite BBQ. Place in some of those BBQ brickettes and wham, dinner in a minute!

I also managed to get some vintage games ~




Another addition to the Camp Box - an Ikea folding stool

And a gorgeous basket to top it off.

Monday, March 21, 2011

"But I had a REAL reason to rehome my pet..."

Taken from a website I visit regularly.

Often, the same threads crop up, and the same people post in them and the same responses always seem to happen.

In this instance, the discussion was on rehoming pets and when it was okay to do so.

I won't go into the nitty gritty of it all - because, seriously, you can find it yourself if you are that interested. But sufficed to say, there is always someone who is determined to convince everyone that they "Did Rehome Properly!!!"

I don't care. Well, I do, but everyone has their own way to justify their choices.

But I posted towards the end (well, HOPE it was the end) and thought I would post it here.

As I seem to say repeatedly in SO many of these threads - if you have had a real reason to rehome, actually went out of your way to find a good home and did everything you could before even COMING to the decision to rehome, then you have no reason to feel guilty or to keep trying to convince others that you 'are in the right' - either you are or aren't! Own your choices and move on.


Clearly understand this - that you are then in a tiny minority who have 'done the right thing'. You are a rare person who actually gave a crap and thought about your loving and devoted pet. Because seriously, in Australia, we are drowning in surplus ex-pets.

Our rescues/pounds/homes/whatever are on a daily, yes DAILY struggle to cope with the demand on them. The need Australia has for these services far outweighs their ability to cope. Thousands of pets are euthenased in Australia every year.

Every .. single .. day in rescues/pounds/vets/etc, someones former 'pet' is being PTS.

Now pets aren't weeds. They don't grow out of the dirt in any crack. They aren't something that takes hold in the leaves of a gutter and suddenly grows - they are bred, raised, fed, bought, sold, given away, tossed out of cars, left in boxes on rescue doorways or gates, saved, rescued, found and so on.

Someone, somewhere, decided to not desex their pet, for whatever reason, and had offspring. Which then were passed along the line. Sometimes this pet found a good home, sometimes not. But then they weren't desexed for whatever reason, so they had offspring, which were then passed down along the line, all at some point being someones pet...

can you see where I am going here?

You made the choice to rehome? Fine. You made the choice to do it 'properly'? Great, but understand that thousands of other pet 'owners' didn't. And still don't. You are one person who made the 'right' decision. Ker and others like her, are the ones that sweep up after the thousands of others that DON'T! You find Ker upsetting? Who cares! If you did what you could, then hold your head up and own your choice. But take from this thread, that you are only you, and Ker faces hundreds of 'others' and then think about who has the more daunting task.

If nothing else, use the info in this thread to educate others. Lets try to stem the flow of unwanted animals. Lets work together to put people like Ker out of business - which I can assure you, she would love nothing better than to have vacant spots in her foster system. Lets get our pounds and rescue places empty.

Ker is a passionate Animal Rights Activist, who fosters and re-homes family-less dogs. She is one of those on the frontline on the war that this our disposable pet industry here in good old Australia, where pets are on par with tissues - usable and disposable. I have the greatest respect for those like Ker and hope that someday, she is on the lookout for a new Passion, because we have finally woken up and there are no more homeless, family-less pets.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our 'School' Holiday Time

During the 'school' holidays, we went to the Dinosaurs Alive show - It was great!! They moved and had sounds from hidden speakers - wonderful!!

 Was taking out the rubbish, and heard a soft sound, a quiet singing... My little Angel sitting in the window, singing to the night air!

We recently got a pair of rabbits - a breeding pair. A friend had neighbours who got rabbits to teach their kids about sex and reproduction, and we were lined up to get a baby or two for our own reproducing venture. Then, they decided to get rid of the mumma and pappa instead and we jumped at the offer!!
Here they are, all snug in their new home.

Our Little Boy - Mork

Our Little Girl - Mindy
A month later, we have 6 new babies!! Will take a photo (now that I have found my camera cord) and post it soon!

Our Friends birthday party - At The Farm Barn
P couldn't get enough of the rabbits and Guinea pigs
The BEST part (according to the kids)

Here's the cake we worked on - was a lot of fun!!

My favorite bit I did - the cow -
complete with udders!!! heehee

A lost her first tooth!!