Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Trees and Lights

I know, 'What a Crappy Title'! Well, I couldn't think of a snazzier one, maybe next time ! LOL

Down to Business - We have our Christmas Tree Up and Decorated!!!! YAY We love our Christmas Tree. Why? Well it certainly doesn't look like this...

Actually, the thought of My kids playing in *that* room, gives me chills. lol
No, Our trees tend to be lopsided, plastic, oddly decorated and we love every single kooky thing.

Because the Kids helped decorate it.
It has every one of the Christmas Baubles that we buy each year on it. I'm sure you know the ones. The stall sits in the middle of the walkways in the Bigger Shopping Centres and you pick the one you like, then get a name and a date (well, if they freaken feel like putting it on - every year I have to say something about the date!!) painted on! So far A has 5 and P has 1 and even I got one as a Secret Santa gift one year!!
 It has the Christmas Crafts that the Kids made themselves from year to year.
It has the end of year tinsel ( I adore tinsel ) bargains and baubles that the kids help to throw on.

Ooh, excuse the mess *blush* been having a few lazy days with bed rest and sick kids!

On normal exposure

On a new exposure I only just found after having this camera for over 7 yrs. yay me!!
This is more what it looks like. Four strings of lights will certainly light up a room!!

For safety, we have placed it on a table, then strapped it to the table to prevent little hands from pulling everything off!
A was most put out that we didn't have presents to put under the tree yet, but I explained about P and not knowing about Christmas and about temptation (heehee) and how we will be putting it all out the Night Before Christmas. Not happy, but she accepted my reasoning! :)

And Something Silly to end off this post...

Old I know, but wickedly excellent all the same!! Enjoy!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another First - My Baby Girl is Growing Up

A had her final day of Kindy yesterday. It has been a wonderful year there for her and one that I am SO glad we decided to do. I had been reluctant to send her to Kindy, seeing as we were homeschooling afterwards, But, I really wanted to have some 1-on-1 time with P and I really did like that Kindy (My best friends kids had all gone there and her last was going the term after A started. Not only that, but her best girl friend was also going there).
It has been a wonderful learning experience for her. She was really reluctant to go at first, we missed a few days where she decided not to go. By the third term, she was raring to go every morning. By the end, we were all in love with this gorgeous Kindy.  They are simply the best kindy around. Its always nicer when you KNOW that they care and love your kids, not just enjoy working with children. Can't wait until P is ready to go there!!!

Just some of the things she got up to...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summer Is Coming!!

I Love My Neighbour! She lets us use her pool anytime we want.  We even have our own key for the security gate! It was a lovely day for a swim today!

We found this Tweety floating Ring at our favourite Rummage Sale which was a great success. A hadn't been able to 'get' or understand just how to propel herself through the water. As she had been extremely... and I mean EXTREMELY fearless about water and water safety (or lack there-of), as well as my natural tendency to not want my kids to rely on floatation devices (A's fearlessness and floatation devices? Nightmare inducing!!) we had avoided using any, but this worked a treat! Big enough to warrant caution on her side, but with enough 'fun' to help her learn!

What do you think?? Future Career Here??
 All P wanted to do when he got cold, was get out and play with the scooper. He tried really hard, but it was a tad too heavy!

I love watching kids explore their world. P spent ages figuring out and playing with the fan today.

We have Officially started our Christmas giving! I adore Christmas and having no money hasn't stopped me from enjoying the Giving Spirit!

Just a sample of our Gifts this year!!

Another thing I love, is watching kids create. A was very involved this morning (yep, we had a very busy day today!! Even with me resting my back) in making something with a box from her birthday. She asked to use my 'strong' glue and sparkles/gems left over from her Park Birthday party, but I wasn't allowed to see what it was.

This was the Finished Product...

She drew and decorated a bulls-eye (gems are to show the middle she tells me. You can even see the circles she did) and the object of the game is to get the ball in the hole! She thought this all up herself!! I have offered to make her some wheat bags to throw as the ball makes her gems fall off and knocks the box over, she jumped at the offer. What a creative little thing!!

Finally, last but definitely not least, our latest Op Shop scores.

I won't list them all as this blog post is huge, but one of the more exciting ones that caught the kids attention was this...

 I think its a Jurassic Park road thingy, but whatever it is, its a hit with the kids. They are having a blast figuring out how it goes together, what fits where, how the car drives over it = Engineering perhaps?? lol.

Busy Christmas time coming up. I have bitten the bullet and joined two more home schooling groups so things are looking very interesting for next year. But that's another blog for another time...