Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Week (or so)

Well, busy busy week (or so)!

We started off with A's very first Formal Party. Up till now, all of A's parties have been Park or home parties with just family and close friends. As this was A's last term of Kindy, I thought it would be nice to have a Kindy Party. Pity out of the 8 kids invited, only 2 showed ( grrrrrr ) but A still had a Blast!! Thank Goodness for my Best Friend and her kids!!

We decided to have a Fairies Party - from the TV show - and it was amazing!! The kids all had a blast (contrary to the photos, soon as I whipped the camera out, smiles ran away!! LOL ) The only complaint I had about the whole day was that A's got given a broken Crown, but seriously, that's it!! They had Fairy dancing, and games and coloring in and snacks and more dancing!!

A's was wearing an outfit crafted by my very own hands (Up till 4AM making it - terrible horrible fabric for a beginner to sew with, hated it with a freaken passion by the time I was done, which is why A is wearing a croptop looking shirt!) But the finished product looks fabulous!! So good in fact, I'm tempted to sew with it again for something for me! But GOODNESS, its nasty to sew!

Even P got into the act - My gorgeous little Glow Bug!!

We had the usual Kindy runs and Rummage Sale - now that the re-sellers have found the Rummage Sale, its horrible - pushing, shoving, running, its insane!!! Probably not going back. Which is sad, but hey.

Now A had been given a air dry clay set for her birthday which was FAB because as previously posted, we were on the lookout for some clay to create with. So out it came, with a bowl of water and off to imagination land we went! A made a Birds Nest, I made a floppy-eared rabbit and DH made a very strange looking duck. Unfortunately, we don't have photos of the finished products as DH, in his infinite wisdom, placed them somewhere 'safe' to dry LOL, but the creative process is the best bit IMO anyway.

Now,  the bane of my existence has been colored balls.You know the ones, you see them at the playcentres. Well, when A was still a baby, we (strangely) thought it would be a great idea. Well, that notion was soon demolished beneath an almost constant struggle to keep them contained! 5 years later and P has discovered them too!!
Heard giggling and my climbing toddler is IN the ball box, cacking himself!!

Help from his Big Sister to get out (remember a few posts back about needing Photographic Proof the Playroom was clean??? )

Then, for the next three hours, they played Trains!!

We also volunteered at The Birth Place Twice in the last fortnight, such fun.

Looking forward to a New month with Christmas on the way. We have started our cooking and baking and have gotten our hands on the final lot of jars and baskets. We have about 80 jars and do you think....

... that we have enough baskets???

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Learning while playing

We have this thing, where if A wants to write something, I will describe it to her as a shape or sound and she writes it from there. For us, works SO much better than tracing or copying prewritten letters or words.

Take today for example.

She was finishing up this project for kindy about her garden. She wanted to write the name of her rose bush - Rosie. This is how it went.

"Rosie starts with an R. Thats a circle with a straight stick and another stick pointing out like this." And I show her in the air.
A lovely wonky R gets written down.
"What then Mumma?"
"'O' is next, thats a circle"
"Then an 'S'"
"Whats an 'S'?"
"Well, 'S' is for ssssssssssssss"
"SNAKE!" writes a backwards 'S'
"An 'I' is a stick with a dot" very empathic dot is done
"So, Rosie,'empathising the letters' "then an 'E' and you know that one"
Done.  She wrote it several more times before she decided to cut it all up into confettii (Heehee) so no photo, but how simple was that?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Moment of Time Frozen Forever

A HUGE catchup Post here - So be Warned!

Okay! Well, as the title says, this is gonna be a big post. I'm typing this up as we wait for our Landlord to come over for our rental inspection. LOATHE rental inspections, but a necessity when renting. At least we have a good Landlord!!

SO..while we are waiting, I thought to finally do my catch-up post. As you know, I've buggered up my back pretty good, so its been a slow painful process doing the stuff that only really gets done with an inspection due. On top of that, Hubby has been slowly recovering from his two week hospital stay and slowly getting better as well. Our family friend Andy has been, as always the one constant we can rely on. Without his help, we would have been truly lost. Anyway, its a looong post and very picture heavy, so be warned.

Off we go.

This first picture is P playing with my friends Rummage Sale find. She found these Incredible Hulk Hands and when she brought her bags in, he aimed straight for it!! Little hand straight into the hole and off he went. No looking at it, no thinking about it, it seemed like he had played with one lots before, but I know he hasn't. He's gonna be a scarily smart child I'm thinking.

Now, we collect the boxes from our water because they make FABULOUS building blocks. They are a little messy to have around, but their usefulness outweighs that. I came out to check on the kids at one point and found them making this... Can you guess what they have made here?

A Giant Drum Set!!! They played on that for over an hour, which is a great time here. heehee

Now, for A's birthday, I found a cheap $2 Light saber thingy. Both kids adored it!! Who says fun has to be expensive??

Now, we had quite a few visitors over the past week or so. Some we managed to get on film, others were a quick glimpse..

A Mother Wood Duck and her very newly hatched chicks having their first swim in our Landlords mum's pool!!

Here's one of the reasons we refuse to spray poisons and the like around our house.
A Little Frog sitting on our front door step.

Now, in cleaning up and organising (ie. read that as throwing a HUGE pile of crap out) we also reorganised things, so the kids thought it was great! All these wonderful 'new' toys...
This photo came about when we couldn't find the baby. Off to look and surprise surprise, we found him in the playroom, sitting at the playtable, being utterly cute!!
He wasn't very happy to see us! lol

My Bestie and I went on a MASSIVE shopping spree as I sold some more things (getting addictive this selling off of possessions!) By Shopping Spree, I mean we went Op Shopping!!
This was our haul!!

Now, it doesn't look like much, does it?
 My bestie got 5 of the 6 Star Wars Videos plus heaps of others (to go with her $7 Video/DVD ebay bargain!!), some nice (pricey brand) lunchboxes, books. I got the gorgeous handmade Christmas tree - its made from milk cartons!!!! We bought it as we are going to make one with the kids ourselves!!
Tons of ceramics and some divine cup and saucer sets for our Candle Shop. They are so lovely, Bestie and I are really wanting to keep them for ourselves!!

She got a toy golf set that my kids adored - lol. As well as a Ravensburg Puzzle she has been drooling over online for months!
Now, we have been whinging about needing/wanting a bathseat for P as he loves his baths, but won't stay still or seated. BAM. Got one from our Rummage Sale! Sweeeeeeeet! I also 'found' a Barbie Dance Studio, complete with bag for $6, a sweet little Christmas Door Hanger Quilt, a large wooden dice, the usual books etc.

A Fisher Price Musical toy for P's Christmas Stocking, some Tupperware bowls with lids, two pairs of shoes for A, barely worn and a $1 each. (One is a Princess Sandal Set!! A was Stoked!!)
One of the main things we have been needing was a child safety gate for the laundry door, instead of the box and the Wooden Barn we were using. WHOOP!! We not only got a regular sized gate, we also got a JUMBO sized one too, for the very generous price of $5! That Op Shop was such a lovely place to go to. We will definitely be heading back there!!

And Finally, I got three doona covers for A's new bed that we are *hopefully* getting her for Christmas (money providing). Gotta love the Half Price Week combined with Pensioner Discount Day!! I paid only about $3 a set!!

 And Of course, the usual cane baskets that we will be using for our Christmas Hampers!!

Do you think we have enough yet??

What a Great Day!!!

Now, because no-one actually reads my blog, other than my Bestie, my Hubby and the occasional visitor, I am gonna brag like no tomorrow about our lovely clean and organised House!! Now. I firmly and honestly acknowledge that I'm a Clutterbug or Packrat, so my house is full of things and stuff, but I'm proud of the fact that I'm not quite yet to Hoarder Status!! heehee Basically, I may have a lot of shit, but it's clean, tidy and organised.

Our Bedroom (complete with Timmy, our Tuxedo Baby). The bed is usually neater, but I bought some satin sheets ($5 thank you very much!!) and now as soon as anything so much as touches the bed, everything just slides right off!! So we are simply happy if it's NOT a pile of doonas on the floor.

From our bedroom door into the Vestibule continuing through the Lounge Room to the Scrapbooking /Sewing area off to the left.

From the Office Door through what we call the Lizard Room and Kitchen. (Note - P was born right where our Tabby Princess is sitting!!)

My Scrapbooking Desk, which, sadly to say hasn't seen much real action lately. At the top of the shot, you can just make out the Master Bedroom Doorway.

My Creative Area, once known as the Dining Room, is now my Sewing Room and Scrapbooking Desk, leading outside. Sliding door is to the Kitchen

The Kids PlayRoom. Now THIS is a shot worth preserving!! I can only get this room looking this good when I have banned all personage under 21 from it!!

The most used room in the House, the Office!! Please excuse the wrap on my desk chair, it was a tad chilly this morning. What you can't see is Hubby at his desk around the corner to the right!

My Pride and Joy Section - the Photo and Art Work Display.

One of my favorite Areas at the moment, my Sewing Table

And finally, A and P's Bedroom!!

Whew!!! I left out the boring bits, but you get the drift!! Now, all I have to do is keep it this way!!


See you next time!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Moment of Time Frozen Forever

After seeing many other blogs do this, I am entranced with the idea.

So every week, I will do a blog post, with only a picture and a single line of explanation. Nothing more for that post. I love the simplicity of that idea, and watching others do it, has inspired me. So here goes.

A's Party at the Park

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Birth Place Grand Opening Tonight

Haven't done a blog for a little while, will be back ASAP to do one, but in the meantime, The Birth Place has its Opening Night TONIGHT!!!

"Throwing Out The Lies With The Birthwater" will be shown, very exciting!!

Starts at 6.30pm at 308a Glen Osmond Rd Adelaide.

I can't wait!!!!

(Oh, and if you look at the Photos of The Birth Place, there is a very familiar sign over the door!! teehee)