Thursday, October 28, 2010

There's Nothing Better Than A Dress That Twirls!!! Oh, And Birthday 'Stuff'

Life is Strange. Well, sometimes. I'm gonna get a little preachy here, do please forgive me.

A's birthday was yesterday. She had a BLAST! She started out the day with Ice-Cream for breakfast, then the grand unwrapping of gifts, then playing with her Big Gift, followed by some rarely seen TV now, then playing with the other presents with us. She was SO exhausted after her excitingly fun day, she crashed on the couch by 6pm! lol

My Bestie found THIS...

Gorgeous PINK (dammit lol) glittery bike for $4 - looks almost new!! Along with the $5 Princess adjustable helmet - we were SET!!!

She got a butterfly bag, three coloring-in books - the fairy one glows in the dark, adores that one. A reading Pop Up Book, Painting kit, make-up, a frilly purple tshirt/dress (size 10), Princess Games Box and a Packet of Scrapbooking Items. Some makeup lipglossy stuff and a little box to keep them in and Princess DVD.
 And a handmade dress from me.

Now, here's the preachy part. Most of the things that A got for her birthday were secondhand. Of course the coloring-in and painting books were new, that goes without saying, but they were discounted from the Cheap shop. The bag, pop-up book and the HUGE Princess Games box were $5.00 together from our Rummage Sale, the Scrapbooking Pack was $10 from the Kindy's Auction Night, the purple frill dress was $4 (Bestie Bought That - Ain't She Gorgeous??!!) The make-up was discounted from Spotlight @ $2.95 and the box was another part of the $5 from the Rummage Sale. The handmade dress was a $2.50 Op Shop buy that I altered to fit A and added some lace and such stuff. And the Princess DVD was $2.50 from an Op Shop.
All up, including the items that my best friend purchased for us (money a bit tight) we spent about $35 over a period of three months. Amazing what you can get when you plan ahead. I don't think we spent any more than $5 at any one time (other than the Auction). Not one item was 'dodgy', all contained their pieces (the Princess Box still had most of its games still in their original plastic packaging.) or were still in near New condition.
It absolutely boggles my poor mind when people tell me that they can't afford to buy their kids birthday or Christmas presents. As you just saw, my 5 year old daughter had the best time of her life, adored her gifts and begged to take most of them to Kindy today!
What upsets me is the fact that Its not like the date changes every year and suddenly jumps out from behind a bush and says "It's Her Birthday!!!" You actually have 12 months to prepare between each day! To be completely honest, A would have been happy with one or two items and a celebration brekkie!
All it really took was a budget of $5 a fortnight and not much time. Add to the fact that all the Big Stores have Christmas Sales in July (we are currently paying off $5 a week on a Big Gift for A), there is NO, I repeat NO excuses why your kids need to miss out!!!!!

End Of Lecture!

Here's the "What Could Be Better" part...
I got a dress form our Favorite Op Shop - Second Chances and altered it for A. Oddly enough, it wasn't the MOST favorite item of the day, but when her Best Friend came over to wish her a Happy Birthday, he saw it, and his little eyes lit up!

There Is Nothing Better Than A Dress That Twirls

My baby Girl Turned 5!!

My Beautiful Baby Girl turned 5 today!

It has been the most intense, wonderful, learning, exciting, sad, painful, frustrating, amazing, incredible, strange, awe-inspiring journey that I have been blessed to travel with you. You embrace life and enchant all who know you.

I feel blessed every day that God has given us.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life Is Good!

Okay, to say that we have been struggling lately would be a dramatic understatement. With no work due to bad backs and then hospitalisations due to extreme illnesses, money has been, well - lets just say "A Little Tight" is a nice euphemism. All I can say is Praise God for Best Friends!!

* HUGE hugs to You sweetie!!*

Without the very real and much appreciated financial and emotional support of My Best Friend, it would have been a tad gloomy over here.

But, we can see the end of the tunnel, there's light ahead! We have caught up with nearly everything, there's food in the cupboards and we even were able to organise a Party for A!!

One of the things my BF did for me, was to take me to Spotlight. Well, after selling off somethings, I had a little extra cash for me (YAY, pocket money) So Off to Spotlight again!

Well, color me surprised when we got there and my favorite Clearance section (that we only visited a few days before - DOH) had a 50% off Sale - WOOT!!!  Pity that I had bought some stuff the week before, but WOOT on the savings!! At the end, I worked out that out of the ten rolls of fabric, I paid about $1 a meter!!

Here's a shot of my New Fabric Stash (as opposed to the secondhand fabric basket thats as big as my couch!) I already have plans for ALL these pieces of fabric, just have to find the time now!! :)
For some 'idea' of the size of the piles, every piece is a minimum of 2 meters, the green and bluey pieces on the left are 6 meters each (not bad for $1 a metre, hey!!)

One of the Most Important Jobs ATM are those lovely gold and pink pieces on the green glossy pile! I am making the Birthday Party Hats/Crowns myself. Gold for the Guests and Pink for the Birthday Girl (her choice, NOT mine ) ( The Gorgeous glossy green is for the Surprise Fairy Party - I will be making Tinkerbell/Fairy Dresses for the girls and cloaks for the rest of the party - oooh the work, heehee )

And Here's the decorative bits - jewels to be glued, glitter paint for effect and bells to annoy the adults afterwards!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Proud and Honored to call her 'Friend'

Almost two years ago, I was wandering the Interwebs, searching. I didn't really know 'what' I was searching for, didn't have a very good understanding of what I was needing, but I was searching anyway. Then I found 'It'....well, to be better PC...'Her'. 

I was looking for a midwife to help me attain my dream of having a Home Birth. I found a list of midwives for my area and some had photos, others links, I looked at all of them. I found one I liked straight away. I asked around, and she had the best reputation. In fact, I couldn't find anyone who DIDN'T like her or rave about her.

But then, it occurred to me that someone THIS well known, THIS well liked, might already be booked up completely! I couldn't call her. I didn't want the ONE midwife I had decided on to say she couldn't do it.

Thankfully, my Best Friend made me call her and surprise!! She wanted to meet with me!!

She and I met, and both decided that she would be the one to accompany our little family on its journey to Home Birthing.

She was exactly what I needed. Accepting, knowledgeable and calm. But the bonuses I never expected was that I given the privilege to get to know a woman who is warm, loving, strong, wise, funny, quirky, and simply the most genuine person I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

I am extremely proud to call her 'Friend'. I am SO honored to call her 'Friend'.

Lisa, I wanted to let you know that all the people I know that know you, don't love you because you are a 'Political Figure', or because you are the Best Birth Worker In The Village (even though you are), or even because you 'fit' their idea of a Hippie Helping Home Birth Assisting Midwife.

Its because you are purely and simply a Beautiful Person. Like moths to the moon, people are drawn to those who are truly Special. When you feel down and defeated, when life seems to be sticking that hob-nailed boot in a little too much, remember this blog and know, you will always be loved for who you are!!

For Us personally, it's because you are genuine, warm, loving, you helped me through and listened to my shit, welcomed our daughter with open arms, you always remember me (and my 'issews' lol) -no matter what. You always have a smile as though you are truly happy to see us and always, always make everyone around you feel special, unique and wanted.

And THAT, my Friend, is why you are truly Loved!!

!!! Thank You !!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Candles & Shopping, Does it get any better?

Well, we did some candles.




lol, seriously though, it was great fun!!  We did ours first to get an idea of how to do it, then next day the kids had their go. I can foresee into the future.... candles will be a popular item here!!

Those were our tries ^^
mmmmmmmmm, yummy - Choc Mint Slice Scented! My house smelt like choccie bikkies for ages!!

The kids having their go

They were very interested in the different changes of colors as the wax melted, how it solidified on the table (drops) how it felt before and after, what colors to use, what fragrances to use (that was the hardest part I think), what pots to use. When we get used to doing it, we will be letting the kids do most of it themselves. They had such great fun pouring it into their pots. We even managed to find a little metal pourer that was PERFECT child sized with a wooden handle, so no heat transference!! Can't wait till they can do most of it themselves!!
They were very impressed with their finished products, although both my BF and I feel that the candles are lacking. We have to try to figure out why they 'seperate' almost. We think it could be because of the cold drops in temp we have been having this Spring as they cool/set.
It was also a fabulous time to talk about fire safety, especially as Summer is coming up. All fodder for the hungry-learning child!

We have also been Op Shopping, of course! Both of us (My BF and I) have scored some great bargains! My Bestie has given me permission to share her latest bargain...

For the Princely sum of $3 - he is lacking in a few areas (then again, aren't we all!! lol ) his helmet is missing/broken and his wings no longer pop out, but otherwise, he's in fabulous condition, and his new owner couldn't care less!! Loved already, what more can a toy ask for??

I got a toy as well...

She's been through the wars, the poor dear, and her parts don't work as they should, but again for $3, who's complaining?? All I need is something to hold the sleeves and skirts that I sew (poor DH cheered when he saw what i bought, no more having to hold my sewing up for me to pin!!)

I also scored.. and I mean SCORED an entire roll of fabric! I'm almost ashamed to say the price.... $10.
Yes, it is curtain fabric, the thin block out kind as well, but as far as I'm concerned, its silk or satin! I LOVE this fabric, the colors a bit bleh, but for $10, I don't care! There is enough fabric here to make my entire Victorian dress!!

We even got quite a few bargains for the kids for Christmas and Birthdays coming up, but I will blog them later as I don't want to ruin the surprise!!

See you soon!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting "O L D" Shhhhhhhhhh!

How do you know that you are getting "old"?

When you head over to your best friends house for a night of drinks, nibbles, videos and girly stuffs, planning a great night, sans children...

but at 10pm, look at each other and suddenly decide that a cuppa and bed is actually more enticing!!

** LOL **

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yes, We *squee'd*...

Why, I hear my audience of 1 asking? * Hi Bestie!! - waves madly*

Our 'Venture' stepped up to another level this week!! We got our delivery from WA, much to our excitement.

Our 'Venture' is called 'A Light In The Dark' for three reasons...

1. This one's pretty obvious- They're Candles!! (You can almost feel the DUH following that, hey!!!)

2. Both my best friend and I are devoted Christians, almost Fundy if you will, without the meanness/cultiness/freakiness/weirdiness/bible-bashing/homophobia/patriarchal crap. LOL

3. Cause seriously Dudes, We need cash!!!!

** ROFL ** 
(Roll On Floor Laughing for our non-techie friends)

Anyhoo, we got our package from our new Internet supplier, we actually 'squee'd' - no joke! Full of lovely things and scents and sticky things - all things needed to make candles!

 And Of course, the all important Wax!!

So we got all excited and rushed to our Box of Goodies and were quite surprised when we realised we had quite a few items...

The Whole Shot...

From Left to Right...

As previously explained, we have bought some and received for free (yay), but all are saved from the Tip/rubbish dump and will be up-cycled (repurposed) into new, usable items.
We have colors and scents and inserts and decorative items - all to make and discover and hopefully sell. Christmas is also ticked for this, so Win/Win all round!!


ETA - I totally forgot one of the things that happened that made us go 'oooooohh'.
We have been trying to decide how we would melt the wax. We have spoken to a few candle making experts and everyone has their favorites (many of which are Waaaay out of our budget) but we got stuck on the idea of using an electric fry-pan. We prayed about it and left it to God. We thought that we might have to go buy one new, but really resisted that as we don't have the money. We thought of our second hand stores, but 99.99% are not allowed to sell electrical stuff anymore due to safety issues, and the ONE store that does sells electrical, told us they have never had an electric frypan.
So, leaving it to God, we trundled off to our weekly Rummage Sale.
Guess what we found??
cue more ** squee'ing ** !!
An Electric Frypan, in seemingly great condition.
We go up to pay for it, and the woman on the till (whom we have GREAT issues with, but thats another blog for another day) asks us where we got that and that they don't sell electrical goods - all in that "rolleyes, huff huff, don't you know anything, I have to throw that away now, more work for me" tone. One fo the other volunteers steps up and says that He put it out, he tested it and that he was sure it would be fine. Can I add that I wasn't going to leave without it? haha
So, she 'let' us have it!!!
Praise God, cause while I do wonder sometimes, He really DOES come through!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Exciting....

I know that this post will be vague, but I wanted to share my excitement.

We have taken our very first 'formal' steps into home schooling. What? I hear being asked...

We had plans for A to do some classes and had vague ideas for dance, music, language, sport, that sort of thing.
But A has been increasingly 'nagging' lol, about doing Dance - well, her words, Ballet - and I finally felt that it was time. She has her final term of Kindy starting this coming week, so we felt that it would be great to start transitioning her into a more natural learning setup at the same time. She has also been asking for more 'Girl Time' between her and myself, I think that the baby-time I have been spending with P has finally reached its time for her, IYKWIM. I am really impressed with her to have lasted this long.

We have hopefully found a promising Dance class that supports all the points that we find important - enjoyment, child led, parent involvement (hate those classes of Drop and Run), relaxed and non-competitive. Will be following that up this week!

Also, my best friend has told us about Suzuki Music Training that again sounds perfect for our family. Not only is Parental involvement encouraged, it is even an expected part of the 'program'! YAY. Will be signing up for that soon and there is apparently a teacher of this Philosophy Music training in our suburb!

And Finally, I have been given the contact details for a young woman who teaches Mandarin who is 'apparently' lovely and from the little bit I have been informed of, she just might be the one to teach this family another language - Mandarin was A's choice of language, as explained in a previous post. So I will contact her and have a chat, see if she 'fits'. lol

So exciting to be underway. These are all things that I myself will enjoy watching the kids learn to do. We are all about fun child-led activities here, and these three seem to fit that need/bill, so I am excited about getting underway!!

Future, here we come!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Arts and Crafts are the Order of the day

A has been asking for playdough for the past few days, and tonight, we got the chance to make some. Playdough is a staple in this house and we have two big boxes of cutters and shapes and the like and we LOVE the no cook playdough recipe. So A had a blast and even P got into it!!

A also was introduced to 'books' from her 9yr old best friend, who had great pleasure in showing her how to make them. We now have heaps of 'books' - little tiny ones to full A4 page sized. Here is her latest creation. I have yet to write the translation and bind it - will get to that this weekend!

Now, I'm not really sure how this missed being blogged as it was FABULOUS!! We had some boxes in the Craft Box left over from Easter. This one was from a Tinkerbell clock and egg - love the plastic window. We turned it into a Puppet Show. She made four People - A group shot of the Family (that's the first one you can see)

Then from left to right ~ a Monster, a Friend and a Cat (although, it changes from horse to cat to dragon, you get the picture! lol )

We even got background sets setup as well!!


Today, her and her best friends were playing outside in the lovely sunshine and were making mudpies (didn't manage to get a shot unfortunately) and I remembered reading my Favorite unschooling blog and how they are into clay, made the suggestion and WHAM, looks like we are off to get some clay!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All Thoughts on Lisa Barrett

Lisa, while we couldn't make it today, we are sending you positive vibes, my friend!!

Strength, love and hugs, both Virtual and IRL to you while you fight this for all of us!!

A Happy Blog for once!!! Our New Venture!!

Well, I WAS tempted to join in the Blogtoctober thingy, but thought it might be too hard if I'm stuck in bed with my back, so I will resist the temptation (heehee)!

BUT.... I am SO excited to announce the beginning of our New Venture here. My best friend and I bought some REALLY cheap "toys" at our local Op Shop (I mean REALLY cheap!!!) added to that the weekly discount, we got a MASSIVE bargain. Although, once the kids saw them, we had a huge fight on our hands, but common sense (and the Mummy Stand) won out in the end.
We cleaned them up, packaged them and sold them on eBay for quite a very nice profit. THAT afforded us the chance to purchase some supplies to start our own very small business/hobby.

We are going to get into Up-cycling (where you take an item that has little value that is heading for the dump/tip and re-purpose it into something new or a new purpose). We have been collecting some gorgeous pots and containers and bottles and will be turning them into candles and candle holders.

It will be great fun, not only for us, but for the kids as well! They will have quite a bit to do with it all and it will be a great introduction to Science, Maths, Art and Crafts, Creativity, Biology and Social Interaction for A. (hopefully later for P as well)

If we can get these looking great, then we will be selling them to the public and making a bit of cash to fill our depressingly empty pockets.

If we CAN'T get these looking good and they look a little too dodgy, then heyhey, we have some wonderful handmade Christmas Presents from the kids for the families!! LOL

Either way, we are SO excited to be doing this!! No matter how it turns out, we are going to have a BLAST!!!  Stay tuned for further installments...