Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Creative Spurt

With my back now permanently damaged, I have been trying to get my head around limiting my activities and changing my lifestyle. This also means the Kids also have to change their routines and lifestyle. At the moment, its not working all that well, but as DH said, its always going to be a work-in-progress, no matter what.

So with that philosophy shoring me up, I got back into my sewing. Well, to be honest, sewing is probably one of the things I CAN do at the moment. I can stop when I need, stand, sit, squat, lean, etc, so I go as my back dictates.

Now, I would like to add something here. I LOVE doing craft. Adore it! I do cross-stitch, card-making, scrapbooking, sewing, embroidery, etc. BUT and its a BIG BUT, none of it actually comes easily to me.
Recently, a friend was saying that she hadn't sewn since grade 8 Home Ec, but had inherited a (fancy mind you) sewing machine, so she figured she would give it a whirl.
Well, the first thing she popped out was this very gorgeous dress for her DD, then some pants for her son, then a skirt for herself. ALL very nice and lovely and made me extremely jealous, I shamefully have to admit.

MY craft take struggles and temper-tantrums, curses and promises never to do this again, and 10 x the amount of time that others seem to take. It never seems to look like the instructions or patterns or the picture in my head.

So while I love it, it DEFINITELY doesn't come easy.

So with that, I shall show my latest creations...

 Now, I recently managed to get my hands on a HUGE bunch of patterns at our local 'Rummage' sale, with a large amount of uncut patterns (all but 1 were uncut!!!!!!) So, pulling out the girls dresses one and after a mad dash to the shops for tracing paper, I decided to make a simple summery dress for DD.
** 2 Hours - Easy Sew  ** the cover of the pattern said. heehee.

WELL....... two DAYS later (facepalm) I finished it. Now PLEASE excuse the oil splotches on the dress. I oiled my machine as it was squeaking, ran a pillowcase through it, waited a day, ran the same pillowcase through again, THEN felt comfortable sewing, only to have it run all over the dress as the machine was used more and more ~ DOH!! But the dress turned out really nice IMO...

Looks simple right? Looks easy to make hey? Well, like I said, I love sewing, I just suck at it!! lol
Oh, just adding that I made this from an old double fitted sheet. Heaps left over as well!

This next one only took me about 2 hours - go figure will ya??

Combination of pattern and internet suggestions (bodice is a pattern and the skirt is internet and the panel in the middle is me trying to 'fix' it together!) This piece of fabric was one I grabbed after I had selected the rest of the roll. The fabric was clearance ~ $2 a meter so I grabbed 2 meters and this leftover piece was about 80cms, so the Cashier sold it to me for $1. I haven't touched my original 2 meters to make this dress, this is solely from the 80cm panel. She looked at me askance when I told her I was using it for a dress, but I love the feel and the weight of this fabric and especially love the pattern.
One thing I found with this dress is that the bodice is waaaaay too low at the front. Yet the pattern was definitely this way. So I have turned it around and much prefer it this way. So I have to somehow 'fix' the sash join so it looks a little better. Remember for future use, turn pattern around!
I was having a pickle on how to line it, but digging around the linen cupboard, I found some very soft nappy liners I had bought, washed but never used. They were the perfect size!!

So, getting there. Its fun, I can't wait to do the next one......

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nah Nah I Told You So!!!

I have been mocked, ridiculed, put-down, insulted and generally told to shut my pessimistic mouth about the Collaboration bullshit. I have been told that I don't know what I'm talking about, that this will be a Good Thing, that Australian women NEED this 'diversity' in Maternity Care, wank wank wank, blah blah blah!!

Well, as usual, Lisa said it waaaaay better than I ever could!

DISGUSTING that in this day and age, that in THIS country, Women are having decisions made FOR and ABOUT them!!! Are we SO behind here that we are forgetting that women have their own brains, intelligence and the ability to decide their OWN destiny??  Are we no longer a country that embraces diversity, courage, individuality??

Well, according to the AMA and the College of Midwives, pregnant women are stupid, thoughtless, selfish children who need their hands held, their heads patted and their decisions made for them. This is of course *MY* take on their pathetic, money-grubbing actions!

But, Sadly, it seems most of Australia feels this way as well.
Who will Stand up for our rights if WE don't??

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Taken straight from Lisa Barretts Blog (love you Lisa!! Keep up the fabulous work!!)

PLEASE take the time to sign the petition. Let Those In Power know that our bodies are OURS, NOT THEIRS!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Birth? You must be SO brave.....




This literally brought tears to my eyes and an ache to my Heart!!
(click the link)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Bubba!!!

Our Dearest Bubba!!

You are ONE TODAY!!

The Year has Flown by!!

Seems like just yesterday, your mother was birthing you in our lounge-room, while surrounded and supported by loved ones and dear friends.

Your journey earth side was one that we will NEVER forget, one that your Sister Still talks about today.
The Joy that we felt then at being able to show you into this world as a family and in a way
that we felt was So important to your start here on Earth is something that we feel to this day!

Happy 1st Birthday Our Beautiful One!!

Checking to see whats happening...

Our Son Has Arrived!!

A Sister Holding her Brother minutes after he was born?? Priceless!!

A Year Has Past!! Look At You Now!!!

oh, and Happy Birthday to ME!!!!  35 Years Old!!

heehee, what does this present say to you? A Weird gift or a Hubby who understands his Wife's need for Order and Organisation - or just OCD? Your Guess is as good as anyones..... lol

A Label Maker and 6 different styles/color cartridges!!

*sigh* I love my man!!!

What A Time!!

Well, its been a VERY busy week. I have been laid up in bed with a buggered back and poor Hubby has had to take time off work (JUST what we needed - NOT) In fact, Hubby is typing this as I speak, so please excuse any 'un-me' things that pop up! lol

Well, other than being BORED out of my head and being unable to do much of anything (having to lie flat to avoid the agony), we actually had quite a bit on.

Last Monday, it had been ONE YEAR since our Rally at Canberra to protest against the governments meddling into Home Birthing!

Here was a Post I got Hubby to put on one of my websites...

A Year ago, I was packing my bags,

readying myself for my very early flight to Canberra to Rally against the government taking away my rights.

I was 40 weeks pregnant.

I was so nervous, I couldn't sleep.

I fought my anxiety and went from Here to Canberra and joined 4000 other people in my first rally.

We walked in the rain and sang and protested and waved our signs and banners.

We got no air time. We weren't acknowledged by our government.

We were ignored.

I then went home.

36 hours later, I went into labour.

My Son was home birthed at 4pm on the Wednesday following the rally.

Regardless of what our government rules,
my children will be born in safety - at home!

Here are the Banners that Hubby and I made for our Rallies! Hubby went to the one here in our home town, and I flew to Canberra...

Hubby's Banner that he designed himself!

My Banner I proudly Waved (and sheltered under as well - heehee)
It was a very exciting time. Here is something that a talented woman made to commemorate the occasion! (click the link)
We also had a First Birthday and a 35th as well!! YAY, but I'll post that as its own post!
Had some WICKED Op-Shop purchases, but that will have to wait until I can get up and about and get some decent photos!
Two things have come about from a week in bed, One is that I learned how to Crochet. That's right, Crochet!
Now, before all you experts all bust a gut laughing at my efforts, remember that I learnt this watching a DVD, flat on my back, arms in the air, ball of wool by my face and a teenage kitten watching absolutely FASCINATED!! rofl
My First effort was a little wonky - only a little!! lol (please excuse the stray kitty fur )

My Second attempt was a bit better... (its all curly-up but its a lovely square shape with nicely defined corners, I just suck at taking a decent photo ATM!!)
The Other thing is Hubby. Recently, he decided that being a SAHP must be quite nice, what with the playing with the kids and going places and visiting lots of people all day and he was making noises about us switching roles - He be the SAHP and I return to the Work Force. Being the democracy that we are here, if he felt like that, then it would be something I was quite willing to do. It would be great for the kids to spend some real time with their dad and I would get the chance to freshen up my skills!
After a Week of looking after the kids and doing 'some' of the things I do with them (he was 'lucky', the kids were stuck home for a few days with a virus, so no trips out for those 2 days - and me parenting from the bed) , he decided that maybe he would actually prefer to be the Income Provider rather than the Home Provider. lol
Hubby here - Its not like I didn't KNOW what she did, its more like I didn't realise just how EXHAUSTING it is having to explain ALL THE TIME to a 4 yr old WHY we don't try to push the baby out the cat door or how cows work or even WHY koalas have a white bottom!! ( yeah, that one had me stumped!!) Then, during all that, hold the baby AND get the house cleaned, all the time planning the next trip out to the next playgroup/social meet/home schooling group/etc. Since DragonMumma enjoys all that, Who am I to take her enjoyment away???   :P
So with that, our week ends. I never seem to blog everything that we do, or all the conversations or crafts or games that we play. But one day, I hope, I can catch up...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Had a Visitor Today!!!

A Koala was resting in our Gum, curled up against the wet, cold weather. He/She will be gone by the time we get up tomorrow, but we were blessed by the visit.
Another Home Schooling Opportunity.

Kangaroo Care

What a funny name, isn't it? lol

But it's a serious thing.

Recent events in the paper has bought this kind of care into the fore-front.

What is kangaroo care?

According to Wikipedia -

"Kangaroo care is a technique practiced on newborn, usually preterm, infants wherein the infant is held, skin-to-skin, with an adult"

Its more involved than that, but essentially, an infant is held skin to skin to the parent (usually the mother) for extended periods of time, straight from birth. This contact has been shown to be beneficial for parents because it promotes attachment and bonding, improves parental confidence, and helps to promote increased milk production and breastfeeding success - no small successes there..
 It has been shown that preterm and low birth weight infants given KC have experienced more normalized temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rates, increased weight gain, fewer nocosomial infections and reduced incidence of respiratory tract disease.
Additionally, studies suggest that preterm infants who experience kangaroo care have improved cognitive development, decreased stress levels, reduced pain responses, normalized growth, and positive effects on motor development. Kangaroo care also helps to improve sleep patterns of infants, and may be a good intervention for colic. Earlier discharge from hospital is also a possible outcome. Finally, kangaroo care helps to promote frequent breastfeeding, and can enhance mother-infant bonding.

Now, for our overworked and underbudgetted hospitals and communities, Kangaroo care often results in reduced hospital stays, reduced need for expensive healthcare technology, increased parental involvement and teaching opportunities, and better use of healthcare dollars.

Overall, kangaroo care helps to reduce morbidity and mortality in developing countries, provides opportunities for teaching during postnatal follow-up visits, and decreases hospital-associated costs.

While hospitals support KC to a small extent, it still has a LONG way to go. At the moment, only those newborns who are considered 'stable' are 'allowed' to be KCed by their carers. Many parents who DO know about KC or even KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care - another version) find that they have to fight and wrangle and compromise to get a little bit.

Which kinda asks the question... huh?? If studies have shown that KC helps stabilise and help infant development, and generally is a 'good thing', why do we have to wait until they are stabilized and 'normal'?

I am in NO WAY discounting the very vital and important work that our very precious NICUs and others do. We have come a very long way from when our premature babies were given very slim chances of survival. But sometimes I wonder, have we come TOO far?? Have we lost our connection to our elemental selves? Have we lost our connection to the universe with our belief, our blind faith in Medicine?

Some Further Links to View -

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