Monday, August 23, 2010


Now I had this nice family blog already to go for today. But I have put it back to another day as something else has come to my attention that I feel NEEDS to be addressed.

By now, everyone knows how I feel about the new Health Reforms. *shudder*

But, I was told time and time again by 'People Apparently In the Know" (whom I refer to as The Back-Stabbers In The Dark) that this New Reform Was A Good Thing (yes, said in Capitals as well).

Well, here's the result of YOUR WONDERFUL REFORMS...

I will retell a woman's story for you that I was told today. I have her permission to do so. We'll Call her T.

T is pregnant currently with her babe, a Planned Home Birth with a Independent Midwife. Due to circumstances out of anyones control, her IM has to go interstate. Her IM is out of State for about 4 days and T is due approx the day after her IM gets back.

As part of these 'Wonderful New Reforms' you have to have a collaborative agreement with a Godperson....sorry, a OB/GP/Hospital in order to home birth with a Registered Midwife. This is to meet registration requirements, Insurance, etc.

So off T went to the local GP of her small town. Here is her transcript of the conversation between Herself and the GP...

Doc"Hello how are you"
Me "very well thank you"
Doc "How can I help you?"
Me "The reason I am comming to you so late in pregnancy is because I have been attending the midwives at the antenatal clinic but have recently decided to have a homebirth (NOT TRUE - PLANNED FROM START JUST DIDNT NEED TO SEE DOC), I have found a lovely midwife who supports homebirth and"

Doc (rudely interrupts) "I do not support homebirth"

This Dr had NO interest in knowing or hearing about T's history, her health, her reasons, NOTHING, but then went on the usual train of fear mongering, scare tactics and lies.

She left in tears.

So, this poor woman had to endure a Dr's own prejudices, his disregard of the Health Reforms, then unload on T a lot of mis-information and outright lies.
I don't know if he is simply behind the times and uninformed, or if he is truly that small-minded and ridiculous, but between you and me, a Dr who isn't up to date with Reforms and Medical Knowledge in his OWN field of Employment is a scary, dangerous Dr, IMO.
Then had the gall to charge her. (I wouldn't have paid myself)


Lets do a quick count here...  have we YET to hear of ONE SINGLE COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENT happening?


Have we heard of refused Collaborative Agreements?

It would be in the Hundreds by now.

So here's my (redundant) question...

How is this going to work?? If the Medical Community REFUSES to join in these Agreements, that means that Registered Independent Midwives will be UNABLE to WORK, therefore be Unable to support themselves and those women wanting Independent Home Births.

What...? No IM's doing Home Births?? How could this happen?? Surely the Government didn't MEAN this to happen??

Bullshit.  In My Opinion, this is EXACTLY what the government wanted.
Because this is what the AMA wanted.

Just to add, T read this and commented the following;

Reading 'my story' is so much more devastating when put in perspective.... I'm just one individual being effected by this dictatorship - how very very sad. Clearly docs dont want to collaborate - whats in it for them?

I had no idea that his refusal would fell like such a personal attack on my intellegence, integrity and basic human rights - i was so unprepared for the shocking humiliation :/

Let the war continue - australia will catch up one day......

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Op Shop Post

Well, after my FABULOUS find yesterday (and which has DH frantically scouring the net for one of his own heehee) I went back to pick up a few things I had on hold.

Well, I had a BLAST!! Here are some of the things I got...

Some more nice glass jars for my 'collection'. Loving the bright colored ceramic lids

I have been longing for a vintage sifter, but simply can't seem to find one under $40 that's in good nick! Honestly, most of the ones OVER $40 are not that great either. So found this and its perfect for $3.

I have been trying to think of something different to put on my computer desk for pens and pencils as little hands tend to pinch them and knock things over in the process. So I wanted something with easy access, but still contained them in one spot...
For 75c, can't really go wrong!!

Now, DH found this next item for the princely sum of $1. He has been looking for a new wallet (I'm so good, I even got my Op Shop phobic hubby looking for stuff!! lol) and saw this. When he showed me, it as love at first sight!!

20c piece to show just how teeny tiny it is!!!
Couldn't go past this matched outfit for $7. Its more than I usually spend on clothes, but it looks brand new, lovely warm corduroy and will go with anything!! Its a size 1 so will fit P for quite a while!! I had one for A and we wore it out!!

Now, I have recently recovered my desire of Vintage Books, after finding a copy of Godeys Lady's Book for a ridiculously cheap price and then missing it by seconds!!!!! I was thinking about starting to hunt for some online, but then I found a whole stack in the Op Shop. Not nearly as vintage as Godeys (which was printed in 1800s) but outside the 50 yr mark!

Looks like some gentleman had a clean out and passed all their childhood books to the Op Shop.

We got ...
The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne - printed 1953
Corrigan and the Yellow Peril by R.B. Maddock - printed 1957
Books For Us All - complied and discussed by W.M. Smyth - printed 1955
A Shark on the Saltings by Dan Corby - printed 1959
Stories of King Arthur's Knights by C.M. Rutley - printed 1951
Captain Mettle V.C. by James Macnell - printed 1955
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift - printed approx 1952 (as by inscription)
The School in the Skies by R.S. Lyons - printed unknown (but inscribed To Johnny from Gran)

Thank you Johnny for taking such great care of these wonderful friends!!

These cost between 50c to 80c.

Now, I didn't buy these just because they are 'old books'. When I was younger, I read everything I could, but I most enjoyed the adventure books. I loved the Famous Five, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, I also read Enid Blyton. My Grandfather had this shed out near his place, that was FULL of stuff gathered for the Church Rummage Sales, and often he would let me go in and find a book or two to read. These wonderful boys adventure books bring back warm memories. I read most of these when I was at my Grandparents house, then later as I found them in my wanderings. To be able to be caretaker for these books and my children's future imagination and enjoyment, to be able to share with them and re-experience all the excitement....... I can't wait!!!!

But I digress..

Finally, I also got these two. My Pride and Joy to start my own collection.

Sherlock Holmes Short Stories by A. Conan Doyle - printed 1942
The Inscription is so sweet - "To Max, For our Second Anniversary, Sept 6th 1943"
It was the most expensive at $9.90, but worth it as I love Sherlock Holmes.

And Finally, one for the Ages (heehee)

A HUGE Book titled
A Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium complied by The Good Housekeeping Institute - printed 1960
Bought for the whopping sum of $6! Now I know it just slips in the 50 yr rule and its not something you can sit down with on a cold winters night snuggled under a blanket by a roaring fire (yes, that's actually a regular occurrence in this house!) but I am always fascinated by how our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers did things.
We have lost so many skills, so much knowledge in this throw-a-way society of today.
But recipes I hear you say? Meals are the very basis of any society IMO. They give a window into how people lived and what was special. I look forward to wandering through this tome and having a tiny glimpse of how things were yesteryear.

I just wanted to add. Its all very well to go out and buy up every book that's older than you, but in the scheme of things, will that bring you any joy in the long run? While I bought quite a few books, I did leave just as many. I saw no reason to buy "Government Treaties and Land Something or Other" as I have no interest in that topic. Nor did I in "Children's Encyclopedia Vol 5".
I always try to remember that saying...

"Its Not a Bargain if You Won't Use It"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr Who fans, Turn Away Now!!

The Dr Who BARGAIN of the Century!!!

Stopped off to have a quick squizz at the Op Shop when grabbing bread and the first thing that jumped out at Dh and I was THIS......

Not too fussed about the cards inside (although DH's eyes Lit Up!!) But ...

O  M  Goodness!!!!!!!

A TARDIS!!!!!!

For the Very Expensive Price of....


That, my friends, is my Bargain Of The Year!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cooking and playing and fun...oh Mi!!

We had an afternoon to ourselves recently due to P being under the weather, so A and I decided to get cooking. Her choice was Pink cupcakes (lol, of course). We made 15, by the time they cooled, we had 12, by the time we had iced them, we had 10, then before I could get the camera, we had 9. lol
Very yummy!!!!

 That night, we had friends over for a long awaited visit. While we were playing in the lizard room, P climbed into the clothes baskets and tried to drag the other one over himself, so with a little help....

He though himself very clever!!

Then, a few days later, we went to our favorite playcentre and P had his first play in the Babies section. A was so happy to play with him for a while, it was SO cute to see!!!

P spent a long time, about 20 minutes, just playing with this marble run. He was absolutely fascinated with it!!

While we were there, he noticed that they had a bouncing Castle and was totally fascinated. He clambered out of the ball pit, with a little help and crawled straight over to it. I pulled him up and held his hands and HE JUMPED!! I know, I must be doing the 'parent exagreate' you think, but my best friend was there and with jaws dropped, she took photos on her phone as my camera had died! I'm talking feet left the surface of the floor of the castle! When she downloads them, I will definitely post them here!!

P is now just 11 months old. By now, he can already do all the following...

Walk while holding on to hands, furniture and the like. He did this by 7 months. This was if we put him up against the bed, for example, he would then walk around the other side by holding on and kinda 'shuffling' around.
Call to us. DH is mumumumumum, and I am Ugg. lol. He was talking to us by 7 months and has really solidified into distinct 'words' now.
By 8 months, he was already helping us dress him by holding his arms up for the sleeves and holding his feet up for the legs.
Getting to a Standing position from a sitting position while holding on by 9 months
Standing totally by himself at 10 months - No holding on to anything. .
He was crawling by 7-8 months.
Walking by 10 months. One hand usually resting on something, but more often than not, simply for balance to navigate the mess that tends to occur around here.
He can climb up on things now, and for the past few weeks, can scale the boxes we have in front of the laundry door to stop him getting in!!
He has fabulous fine motor skills. For the past few weeks, he can use his pincher action to remove things like stickers from his clothes on the first try - not a single fumble or anything. Very deliberate. He can remove all the cards from my purse in under 1 minute! rofl
Jump on a bouncing surface.
Has had firm grasp object permanence from about 5 months
Knew his name from 6 months
At 9 months, he was able to bolt when he hears us coming and throws away things he knows he's not allowed to play with. ie the remotes, mobile phones, my purse. All with a HUGE giggle fest of course!!
Plays the 'Ta' game, complete with his version of Ta - 'bah'.
Feeds himself with a spoon. Don't believe me? Check out the photo below! He hasn't 'allowed' us to feed him since he started solids. The spoon is the wrong way around, but he refused to let me turn it back, but used it quite successfully!
Knows and understands the words - mouth, eye, head, Mumma, A (sister), cat.
Climbs down off furniture and stairs with deliberate precision.

Those are just the ones that I have struggled to remember to write down. As I remember more and see him learning, I will update!

The reason I am so impress with P is that A refused to crawl until she was well over a year. From memory, I think she was about 16 months. She crawled for precisely one week, then one day, got up and walked across the room!! The first time she stood was Christmas on one of her new toys - so she was 14 months then. She was a little 'Watcher' and didn't feel the need to do anything but watch, where-as P is a total 'Doer' and MUST MUST MUST do everything NOW. They are polar opposites, which is so fascinating!!

Can't wait to see what happens next......

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catch Up time Part 1

Well, with the new month looming, getting my blog down had been weighing on my mind. We have been doing SO much that I will be covering just a fraction of what we have been doing. A has started back at Kindy and we have resumed our outings (social, play, etc) as well as all the normal family things, the past month simply flew by. But here's a few things we have been doing.

I have been wanting to 'adult' up our house for quite a while now and with P feeling more secure and mobile, I have been able to put him down to play and wander while I messed around with the house. The vestibule was an area that had been bugging me for a while. We had been using a small bookshelf as the "Door Dumping Area" for all the keys, mail, shoes, etc that tends to gather at the front door. It worked really well, but looked out of place. We had been given this Hall Stand quite a while ago - it had been DH's Grandmothers-  but it had made it to my best friends house, then somehow never gotten here. When we had to get a trailer to move some new furniture here (see part 2) we took the opportunity to get some other stuff over as well.

Much better I think. We have more furniture that we have got, but as I am going to be up-cycling it and changing it purpose, I will be saving that for another blogging day.

Then, as we had moved the bookshelf out, we had to find a new place for it and the spot that worked best was right where we had a small fish tank. Its sole occupant was a yabby. So Gabby the Yabby (so named by A ) was turfed out and into the big tank - which also had a sole yabby - Maddy the Yabby (lol, you guessed it, another name by A).
Then we had another issue - what to do with the now empty tank? I didn't want any more fish, the power bill needed to come down a bit...... what to do, what to do...?
We recently had a mini-break holiday in Hahndorf, where we wandered the main street and came across The Fairy Garden.


We found the Fairy House in an Op Shop for $1 and as soon as I saw it, I had this perfect idea!! A LOVES her new Fairy Garden and the old light works a treat for a night light as well. A has all these great ideas on what she can do with her new Fairy Garden and we will be heading off to the local nursery soon to get some tiny plants to go in it. She has already planned her pocket money on things she can Op Shop (see, they start young!! ) to put in it!!

She is also fascinated with some Ocean themed bargains we got at the Op Shop (see part 2) She spent over 2 hours today sorting, checking, asking and playing with her new shells and info sheet. She wants to go to the beach and see if she can find things herself on the sand, I can't wait!!

We spent a couple of days just hanging on the couch, recharging batteries. DH and the kids were engrossed in one of the books we recently got, and didn't notice me stealing this shot.

What with P now being SO mobile (walking at 10 months *wah* - A didn't walk until about 16 months) he is into EVERYTHING. The current favorite is watching our snake. He is so gentle, he never bangs on the glass, but gently rests his hand on the glass. He moves it away if the snake gets close, but will happily sit there for ages just watching!

*just wanting to add, yes that IS the snakes fluro hanging down. My snake likes to remove/damage/destroy the contents of his enclosure. Especially the lights for some reason. This is the 8th time he has ripped the fluro from the ceiling of his tank. Don't worry, it is no longer connected to the power. We unplugged it when he TWISTED and SNAPPED off the lights cage protection.
 And to all those people *gasping* that we either A) HAVE reptiles and B) Allow the children near them, they are pets, they are well cared for, the children are taught from an early age how to deal with our scaled neighbours - caged and wild, and ALL cages have child proof locks on, more for the reptiles protection than anything else.*

Continue to part two...

Catch Up Time Part 2

Here's the second part of today's blog. My Latest Op Shopping Bargains. There are heaps, as I went with my best friend on several days, but here are the bargains I am most proud of.
I found these two jars of shells for only $6 each. I have put a 20c piece at the bottom of the jars just to show how big they really are!! HUGE! I also found a laminated Beachcombers Identification Chart for South Australian shells and ocean life that can be readily found on our beaches. This is going to come in SO handy when we start our Beach/Ocean learning. Double sided, it covers the names, what they are and a sentence or two of info. When I told A's kindy teachers, their eyes lit up! I think that they were hoping that they would be able to score it when we are finished. lol

Recently, our recliners had given up the ghost. They had been a gift from DH's Grandmother and were SO comfy! I had essentially LIVED on one for the first three months of P's life, so was quite sad to see such a part of our lives go off to the tip. BUT... we found these...

A Jason recliner suite - two recliners and a two seater - at one of the stores we don't tend to visit much. Only $120!! DH was not very impressed with the colours, but with our huge house and wooden floorboards, they simply seemed to scream "Buy Us" and they fit really well with the rest of our furniture! So comfy as well. What a bargain!

Now this little gem was a bit of a surprise for me. I used to collect dragons, but stopped when we moved as they didn't seem to go with our stuff and our lives, but I couldn't refuse this pewter set for only $6.

We are also in the middle of replacing many of our plastics for glass for health reasons, so I have been keeping my eyes out for cheap, ethical replacements. Here is what we have been able to gather so far. The shelves were originally in our vestibule, for our keys, phones, mail, the usual assortment of 'dumpage' you get at the front door, but as you saw from the above post, we have replaced it with something a little more 'adult'. I was tossing up what to do with the shelves and the cane baskets, when we came up with this idea. Looks good I think.

I also had this huge white square ceramic bowl/platter that we had been using for our fruit bowl and when I saw these gorgeous bowls for only $2 each, I immediately thought of replacing that with something a bit better suited and less fragile.

These little beauties were only $1.50 each  - thanks to the 50% off days at the local Salvos. We will be using them as part of our home schooling to display all the finds the kids make.

Along with the clothes that we generally buy, I feel we did very well these past few weeks. We got quite a bit that I have already put away or into use, so if I come across them, I am sure that I will probably share. Looking forward to what else we can find on our quest to recycle more, pay less and upcycle as much as possible!