Sunday, May 30, 2010

Easter Time 2010

I realised that I had saved this as a draft, but never gotten around to posting it on the blog - oh well, better late than never!

We made some gorgeous homemade gifts to give this easter instead of the usual Chocolate. We made all different shaped easter biscuits and wrapped them all up in cellophane. A was so excited to be a major part of this. She rolled the dough, cut the shapes, some were iced, some she didn't want to ice - and everyone we gave them to loved them! A then had great pleasure in handing them out in her Easter Baskets at a family do!

At the Beach

Well, keeping up with my blog is much harder than I thought it would be! lol
Having an inspection in a week means that we are tidying up the few areas that tend to get messy, but unfortunately, the washing machine died! wahhhh!! I was tucked up in bed for over a week with a nasty case of the flu and then another week recovering meant that we have quite a bit of washing to catch up on - so with everything, the kids haven't had much excursion time lately.
A asked today if we could go to the beach today and as it was a lovely overcast blustery day, we all rugged up and headed out. And had a blast!!
Watching the waves come in from the safety of the rocks.

Found as photo'ed - a beautiful heart shaped rock in the sand. A kept it to bring home for her memory box.
Dodging the waves was a little hard for A who got soaked - but all giggles!
Heading home!

We talked about tides, cuttlefish, waves, rocks, played I Spy with colors and sounds then dug holes and buried treasure - all good fodder for the homeschooled child!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A few slack weeks

Its been a little while since I blogged - what with everything going on, and everyone sick at some point. So we haven't 'done' a lot worth blogging. But here's whats been happening! Quite a few photos tho - LOVE my camera and LOVE taking shots of my family.

As P was teething again - the second tooth pushing its way through, we gave him the bone from our dinner - lol, same as we did for A at this age - and like A, he loved it!!

P has been a real holder bubba, which I Love, but can makes things a tad difficult on occasions. So when he let me pop in down next to his toys, he was quite happy to play while I headed off and did some things. As long as I stayed in eye-view (which is only natural) he was happy! I was excited to be able to get some things done without a bubba in arms or on my back! Makes reaching into the washing machine a new experience all over again! lol

The bond between A and P is heartwarming to see! She is very protective and very hands on (which can sometimes be very frustrating LOL). She loves showing him how to play with things, and is very encouraging of him trying it for himself! (See her leg behind his bum? She was making sure that he didn't fall backwards - aaaaaawwwwwwwwww)

P has *very* firm ideas on how he will eat. Occasionally he will *permit* me to feed him, but for the most part, he will only allow food in his mouth if he puts it there himself. He has an incredible sense of himself and as you can see, for a 8month old, he did a fantastic job of feeding himself!!

While we have been having a very relaxed few weeks, we have been watching a show on foxtel called Ace Of Cakes (link - ) which A adores watching. We get all sorts of ideas watching it. Here is a Mega Block version of her own Ace Of Cakes creation. Her Words - Its a Castle with magical sparklers raining edible glitter over the cake. It is even in its own carry box for easy delivery. - Very Cool A!!!

We have finally gotten around to doing some more baking (very slack I know). At A request, we made Sultana and Chocolate Muffins - so tasty!! A ate several before I could step in and got a bit of a sore tummy, but in the words of the Great Chef herself "Totally worth it Mumma!"

So, all round a quiet, but still quite productive few weeks.

Another reason to Home Birth or Room-in if Hospy born

An article from The Daily Telegraph online news service dated today, shows yet another reason why home birthing is better IMO or another reason to have 'Rooming-In' if born at hospital. ('Rooming-In' is where mother and child stay in the same room together).
Honestly, I thought that hospitals in Australia WERE all rooming in, with the obvious exception of bubbas in the NICU or Special Care Units.
When A was in the NICU, I didn't leave her side - I was lucky as I had a support network to allow me to do that. I also had training that ensured that I knew to check everything to make sure that she got what she was supposed to and what she was NOT to get.
I feel that while hospitals are woefully understaffed, while reading this list, I noticed that many were due to midwife error. Now our midwives are generally overworked, but some of these issues were standard checking errors, learnt as one of the FIRST things in training.

Anyway, something for parents to always be attentive of. DON'T trust someone JUST because they have a degree, ALWAYS check for yourselves as well! If you birth at hospital, room-in, keep your precious new bubba with you as much as you can!