Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun with Soap

We were introduced to Lux Flakes at a recent homeschooling meet. I had never seen slime made from it before, and it was fascinating - very slimely but all gloopy together. Tactile sensations were marvelous.
So we tried to make it at home!

Honestly, how hard is it to mix soap and water to make slime? Well, in this house, harder than you think. lol.
Our first attempt ended in this lumpy nasty mess, that solidified into a giant hard soapy block in the bottom of the bowl. A wasn't sure about that!

Then the next one, I thought 'Lets try the new mixer' ROFL

Not having my thinking brain in, I used my whisk attachment instead of the mixer.....

It came out all creamy and soft, just like egg whites, but it stayed that way! It was FABULOUS!! I used to use shaving cream foam - the kind in the spraycan, for this sort of fluffy messy play, then moved to whipped cream due to the chemicals in the shaving foam, but the whipped cream didn't hold its consistency at all.
I can't WAIT until we try it with different colors!
But... I still wanna make the slime! lol. Try try and try until we 'get' it!

My Latest Scores!

I had a small break, I was getting too stressed and angry about the midwife collaboration, I figured the break would be good.

So, in an effort to get my mind off everything, my gorgeous bestie took me op shopping. SO much fun!!!

We went to several of our favorites and a few new ones and picked up quite a few bargains!

I got this luxurious queensized quilt cover for $3. Very soft and cuddly.

Here's the pattern close up

From another Op Shop I got a large bag of blocks for $1.50 (gotta love the half price days! YAY)

Here is a thick flannette cot sheet set - both fitted and flat, for P's cot. Nice and snuggly for winter. In perfect condition too. The fitted is a little wash faded - as you can see in the photo, but thats all! Sweeeeeet. Only $1.99.

And a winter weight doona to go with it - $4. Its actually bluer than it shows on the photo. It almost matches the sheet set, but for some reason, I can't get it to show that way, Oh Well.

And this fish tank/small creature tank for $6!! I don't think its ever been used honestly!! It comes with a mesh cover AND a glass lid, so perfect for fish or critters! This is going to be a 'reward' for a friends child as he is struggling with his toilet training, and is creature crazy, so fingers crossed! :)
This gorgeous little teddy was from a friends garage sale. Its tummy holds a heat bag, so I thought it would be great for A - and she loves it!!

I also scored some simply devine necklaces, but A has secreted them off in her room, so when they re-emerge, I will get some photos.
Overall, a wonderful weeks worth of goodies!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Poignant Excerpt from Gloria Lemay’s Blog

An interesting piece from Gloria Lemay words really :(

bah!! Our stupid, brown-nosing, lying, government and the evil AMA.
If you don't know what I mean, check out Lisa Barretts blog
for her take on the latest debacle our government calls caring maternal services.
All I can say is typical lying politicians!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Home Birth In Australia

As we await the final blow from the AMA and 'our' Government that kills Independent Midwifery led home birth in Australia, a new doco is making itself known.

Face Of Birth.

A teaser for it is out on YouTube - check out the link- and it looks promising. I can't wait to see if it lives up to the teaser! People of Australia deserve to understand what they are losing by not fighting this very real threat to Australian Families.

But it brings back memories. I was there for that Canberra Rally. I was surrounded by passionate supporters of Home Birthing, but MY government chose to ignore us. That really makes me MAD.

Look, I am not against OBs or hospitals or anything like that, but I believe they have a PLACE at the table, I do not believe that they deserve to BE the Table, to be the ONLY offering to women of Australia.

How Arrogant they are, to think that THEY have the RIGHT to tell Australian women where and how they can birth!! How STUPID is our government to let a UNION do their thinking for them??

Our government 'assures' us that they are NOT making Home birthing Illegal - Bullshit! Bullshit I say!
Of Course they are!
Oh, they throw out crumbs and look shocked when we don't dance with joy - but, but we will 'allow' Independent midwives to have a 'free pass' to attend home births while we sort out this 'accidental' insurance mishap, we didn't mean to, so be happy, rejoice!! - but they seemed to neglect to mention that their oh-so-generous exemption ONLY covers the birth, and NONE of the antenatal or postnatal care - naughty naughty little girls if the midwife covers THAT part of your care.

I thought we had moved on from the era where we saw TV moms treated as stupid children, there only for looks, sex and housework and expected our women to be the same and be happy about it! I thought that women had fought and won the right to be recognised as equal to men. While we still struggle with equality, I didn't think that women were still considered children, stupid children at that, unable to make informed decisions!! To me, THIS is what this Whole thing is about.

Women, who control mega companies, become Drs, Scientists, fighter pilots, parents, politicians, have control over every part of their lives and those around them, suddenly become thoughtless, ignorant, weak idiots simply because they are now pregnant?
What a crock!! And what a load of horse shit that people BELIEVE this!
I could go on and on about the whole evilness of it all, but I shall rein it in. Go watch the Youtube link to Face Of Birth and remember when you hear about it later. This is about the Right of Choice. Choice of body and baby. Choice over care providers. Choice over Whose body is it really???

Your body..... or the AMAs??

The Day After

heehee - well neither of the kids got up until just before 9 this morning - yay for a sleep~in!!

Both were a bit grizzly and grumpy, so we opted for a lazy day today. A bit of shopping and back home for a DVD.

We then headed off to the playroom, where P worked on his crawling skills - he's gotten the commando crawl off to a good start!! He leans on his right side, lifts his right arm up and with his left leg, shoves off! He can conquer quite a distance now, and is extremely impressed with himself! Will have to capture that on film tonight!! (so photo to come later)

A worked on her building skills. We unearthed the megablocks box while in the midst of the clean-up (garage sale soon) and she was excited about making a castle! She kinda lost interest in the building stage, and nagged me to do it (which I had great fun doing, but shhhhhhh, don't let her know! lol ) so was then working on her people and directing skills, and once done, spent a good hour playing pretend with her matchbox cars and her *gasp* barbies (I know, I know, I hate the things, but she loves them...... mutter mutter.... damn pocket money and free will :) ) She finished it off with some flourishes and a roof!

She then had a play with my camera. She actually takes quite good shots with my P&S. Here are some of her photos ~

She got a shot of the 'boat' with the animals that tried to swim.

Our beautiful RSPCA rescue T. He was a senior rescue and one of the best cats we have ever had! Never discount the Older Cat. They tend to be stable, friendly and bombproof! Oh, it doesn't hurt that he loves ME the most!!!!! lol

And finally, her biscuit-cutter box. For all uses - from tracing, playdough, pretend play, cooking, painting and stamping, these shapes have infinite uses!! A good wash, and they are ready for her next adventure!!

So, even on a rest day, we still managed to have fun and learning.
This unschooling is great!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day at Hahndorf

Today was sublime!!!
My Best friend and I went and spent the day at Hahndorf enjoying the gorgeous weather. The leaves were turning a lovely red and the kids had a blast playing in them.

We were meant to go the the Farm Barn, but for once I was running late, so we decided to spend the day enjoying Hahndorf and catching the afternoon show instead.

After wandering around and enjoying the sights, we went and had the most scrumptious tea and scones w/ jam and cream......... yummy!

After that, we headed off to the Farm Barn where we had the most fun. They are simply lovely there.

The kids got to hold guinea pigs, rabbit, chicks and pat lambs of all ages and sheep and goats. They fed lambs, emus, kangaroos and deer.

They were even able to milk a cow!! A was a little timid at first, but with her Best Friend holding her hand, she felt brave enough to try! YAY!!

We finished the day by heading off to the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm and stocking up on honey and jam. We were just giving the kids their afternoon tea, when my best friend realised that she had just locked the keys in the boot!! rofl
Well, the kids didn't mind, they had chocolate cake and drink bottles and a hill to climb! :)
After about and hour and a half, Yours Truly managed to get the car open and we headed home!
Overall, a fun, happy day!! One we look forward to doing again some day (well minus the key thing! heehee)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Singing in the Rain...

It is a gorgeous weekend so far. It started to bucket down here, so after a bit of prompting, promise of a hot bath afterwards A joined me and we went out and ran in the rain. It was Heavenly!!

Followed up by a hot shower and snuggle down in front of a DVD, and her day was perfect! :) (her words! aaaawwwwwww)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a Week!

Well, this week started with a Bang. Literally!!

We were woken up at 6am Tuesday morning with the loudest clap of thunder we have ever had here! It was SO loud, it scared the cats, woke the baby and made DH and I sit straight up in bed. Both of us honestly thought that someone had finally missed the turn and plowed straight into the house!!

lol But A slept straight thru! Not a peep!

But I got up, just to check that a tree hadn't fallen on the house (which has almost happened before actually - but thats another story) and suddenly noticed that it was bucketing down. And I mean BUCKETING!! I was watching after racing around making sure all the windows were shut, when I noticed a single drop of water hanging from the ceiling. Crap! This house, if ANY water gets in the roof, will eventually end up in our Lizard room ceiling. Sure enough, I watched as more and more drops gathered on the ceiling.

Had a meltdown, woke DH who in turn, rang the Landlord.

Damn that handyman. I have been trying for nearly 6 weeks to get SOMEONE to come out and clean our gutters. Nope. In the end, in tears, we called our family friend A, who ALWAYS comes to our rescue and as soon as it cleared up (actually ended up being a beautiful day!! Go figure!) got up on our roof and cleared out our gutters.

Thanks A for using your one day off to come rescue us ... Again!! *muh*

Ended up being some broken tiles, but we can't rule out anything.

That crisis averted, the landlord came and went and we settled down to enjoying the last few hours of our long weekend.

Our A has been coming down off an incredibly nasty chocolate high over Easter weekend, to the point where we have now banned it (like chocolate bars, chocolate eggs, etc - whole/pure chocolate sort of thing ) in the household. Whole Chocolate combined with her already testy behaviour led to some wicked tantrums and mindblowing behaviour, the likes we have never seen, and never wish too again.

Kindy has ended for the term, so we are again reevaluating home schooling. We will be taking a much more concerted effort now to include the home schooling factor in our lives, and help A to have a real sense of what she would like to do, so I am stoked and so looking forward to it!

I ended up succumbing to the lure of my new Kenwood mixer today. I did want to wait until I could get it serviced, but apparently, in this throw-a-way society of ours, we don't seem to DO that anymore. I have only found ONE person who MIGHT do it, but they live on the other side of town, so will have to time that one.

Anywhoo, A and I got stuck into some baking. We had SO much fun with the new mixer!!

We made Peanut Butter Cookies, which turned out surprisingly ok!

We did learn that the recipe book we were using was a little off on
time and temp, so some were a little 'crunchier' on the bottom than others!! lol

That sorted, we moved onto some Chocolate and Coconut Macaroons, which turned out simply Divine!! I think we ate a tray (well, A refused-doesn't like coconut-what a shame- rofl) before they got off the cooling racks!!!

Looking forward to our first unschooling group meet tomorrow, should be a blast!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh, Gorgeous Things to Buy on Etsy!!!!!

Having finally given up on the artist I wanted to commission to do quite a number of pieces for me, I headed back into the wonderful depths of Etsy.

I was SO upset at the artists decision to not sell to me :( . I had contacted her literally two days before all went to crap just before Christmas (illnesses, legal issues, health, housing - you name it, it all happened in ONE day!! ONE DAY!! Sheesh!) So it was a few weeks before I could think about anything else. By that time, the tentative enquiry I had put to the artist had apparently expired *I need to find some smilies - I need the rolleyes one here * and she had chucked a tanty. Might I add here, I had only enquired how much a few custom pieces *MIGHT* cost with postage. At no point did I indicate I was committing to anything. When I returned a few weeks later, and placed my order, (and waited nearly a month) she decided that she was no longer available to me. *shrug* Her loss. Literally, as I had planned over 30 pieces for birthdays, births, deaths, memory keepers, thank yous, anniversaries, etc.

But what that meant was that I found some simply GORGEOUS items for sale by the most talented creators/artists!!

As I don't know the rules for Etsy (Only joined to buy from the first seller) I won't link, but honestly, I encourage you to go look!

They are (as far as I have gathered from my hours and hours of gasping, wishing and being downright covetous) artists from around the world, even here from Australia!! They are talented people striving to make a living from doing something they love!! Prices to fit from the most leanest budget to the bottomless pocket!!

Go Check it Out...

(and no, I'm in no way artistic so I have no profit in linking this. I only want to share something I found interesting and gorgeous!)

Jesus Is Risen

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday DH!!

Today is my DH's 32nd birthday!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

We have an extremely busy weekend this Easter Weekend.
DH's Birthday - I have NO pretentions about him getting off his new Xbox 360 anytime soon
Church then Dinner with friends tonight
Then Saturday - BBQ at friends tomorrow night straight after DH finishes work
Sunday - Church then lunch with the extended IL's family
And then catch up with my brother.

Phew!! We are going to be knackered after all that!! heehee!!

Have a Good Easter Everyone and Stay Safe!!