Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well, had some Highs and some Lows today with Family.

P is almost crawling - can't wait!! He had a blast doing the rocking back and forth thing, but still gets that frustrated look of Why can't that Cat/toy/food be HERE??? lol

But then, as we were going to bed, my brother calls, drunk and in tears. Argh! Two hours later, I couldn't take anymore and ended the call. Not that he'll remember tomorrow, but now I'm up, stressing about him!
God Above, he really needs some help!!

My Op Shop Scores

Had some time to ourselves today, so off we went to do some shopping. Stopped off at one of my favorite Op Shops on the way home and found some COMPLETE Bargains!


Unbelievable really!!

The best score of the day was this Kenwood Mixer - one of the original ones - metal body - still with the original milkglass bowl in perfect condition!! Needs a bit of a scrub and a service, but works lovely!!

Bought for the princely sum of $50!!! The lady on the desk said that cleaned up, would make a decent profit on Ebay, my response was "Pfft, It's MINE!!" along with the obligatory hand rubbing!! lol

Also picked up some GORGEOUS fabric. I'm planning on making this 1860's Civil War Dress

and when I saw this fabric, I KNEW it would be perfect!! Its two secondhand curtains, so only enough for the skirt, but with the offcuts, I can match the bodice nicely!!

And to top it all off, I got a STACK of books!!!

Overall, a good day!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Sewing Skills (or lack thereof)

I have become really interested in resurrecting my meager sewing skills and creating some clothes. Partly for fun, partly as I cringe at paying $50 or more for a skirt my child will wear for a total of 2 months before she decides she hates it, paints it or becomes creative with a pair of scissors or just plain grows out of it. But mainly cause we are extremely strapped for cash ATM.

I was nosing about a newly discovered Op Shop recently, and discovered a table of fabric off cuts. One of the ones I bought was a 1.6 meter piece of purple fleece. I had a great idea of turning it into a winter skirt for A.

Went online and found a nice free pattern for a twirly skirt.

So Off I went and got started.

After a few HOURS, yes HOURS of pinning and gathering ( did I mention I HATE gathering?? lol ) and struggling to remember how to use the sewing machine, I got ready to do the fun bit, the actual SEWING on the machine.....

Only to discover that the Sewing Machine had been put away WITHOUT its power cord or footpedal. ARGH!

An hour later, after searching through unpacked boxes of crap (we have only lived here for 15months ROFL ) we finally found the cord. I got setup again (funnily enough, the thread from my LAST sewing project 5yrs ago was still threaded on) then discovered that the bobbin case AND bobbins were all missing!!

The Universe was conspiring against me!!

A Midnight Run to my Best Friends Place (Love Ya Babe!!!! MUH) to borrow her machine and ended up stealing her bobbin cover and bobbins meant that I was FINALLY READY!! All this to sew something the website told me was a 2 Hour Sewing Job!! Bloody Hell! :P
Here is my Gorgeous DH snapping a photo of me mid-sew

and the finished product...
So all up, NOT including the run to the Fabric store the next day ( to grab bobbin stuff lol), this skirt cost me a total of $2. Sweet!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The first Day of my new blog (LOL - how original)

Well, today was an interesting day.

P is almost sitting now. A few sideways tumbles but still maintains a smile. He has learnt how to bounce in his sitter (like a walker with no wheels) and he absolutely cacked it for about half an hour!! He would have his hands holding the toys around the edge as a brace, tucked his head down and off he went! He was so chuffed with himself.

He is also doing the backwards crawl, much to his displeasure! The new kitten was laying on his rug, and he was determined to pat her, and the look of confused frustration as he got further away was priceless! He kept looking at me like he was saying "Oi you, stop moving me!"

A is her usual sunny gorgeous self. Although, We are going through her trying to cope with her separation of Self from Parent and she is finding it hard to separate and establish herself as a person. We are getting a lot of physical acting out - smacking, throwing things, spitting etc - and quite a bit of rebellious behaviour - not listening, being rude, running away.
A lot of it is stemming from her inability to channel her anger and frustration, so we are really focusing on language, self controlled timeouts (taking herself away and allowing herself to calm down) and control and redirection of anger.
We have a set of the "When I'm Feeling...." books by Trace Moroney, and we have the Angry one

Which A will often ask to read after she has calmed down, and she has come up with her own way of calming down. Love these books.
We are also talking about appropriate behaviours and what we can do when we feel angry or frustrated, so she will often say "Mumma, I'm really angry at you right now." and will talk about why she is feeling that way and what we can do to deal or cope.

For example - She wanted icecream for breakfast instead of vitawheats. When I said no she got very angry before I could explain why. She went to throw her spoon at me and I reminded her that throwing things because we are angry isn't appropriate. She stopped mid swing, stomped her foot, but then shook her arms and did what I call the Aura Cleansing Move where she wipes her self down, but a few inches away from actually touching herself (her calming down method) She then verbalised her feelings and I acknowledged them and we were then able to continue the conversation.

My sewing is really coming along. Its really fun letting my creative side have fun for once. You can read more about that on the Sewing Page.

Other than that, the usual rounds of illnesses and snotty noses. A quiet day today.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Very First Blog!!!

Welcome to The Jolly Dragons!

This is a blog set up solely for the ramblings of a disorganised and chaotic mind, to help clear the clutter and record the day to day happens of our family that so often gets lost in the mists of our busy lives!

This blog will (hopefully) chart the highs and lows, the laughs and tears, the love and hugs and all the stuff that happens in our family and around it.

Currently in our family, there are four humans, two cats, four bearded dragons, one coastal carpet python, two yabbies, and two feeder fish that survived the reign of terror known as the Turtle era.

I am currently a Stay At Home Mother with a daughter (DD) and a son (DS).

Having only been a SAHP for about 18 months, it has been an interesting time with a steep learning curve.

DH is currently working part-time, which affords us enough money to live on and not much else, but that we wouldn't change for the world.

While our children are young, we aim to spend as much time as we can with them, knowing that this time will be all too swift.

I am a passionate homebirther, after surviving a traumatic hospital birth with DD then experiencing a wonderful homebirth with DS.

Many of my posts will echo my sentiments on the current battle to retain these basic human rights to birth MY children where I feel most safe - for both mum and babe.

We are also Attachment Parents / Parenting with the view that our children are People in their own Right, with all the Rights and Privileges that go along with that.

We strive to be a Non-smacking, non-judgemental family, with strong beliefs in independence, Christianity, empathy, and Human Rights.

As I regularly say -
I'm a homebirthing, delayed vaccinating, Attachment Parenting, co-sleeping, non smacking, Christian believing, Open-minded, WoW playing, active praying, home school considering, non-judging, non-circ'ing, highly alternative, strongly opinionated Human Being.

All that and so much more.......