Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Moment In Time Frozen Forever

Starting my weekly Moment In Time posts again. It's a time to reflect on just how blessed our family truly is.

Spring Is Here!

Spring has arrived and we are loving it.

Living in a small 2 bedroom unit means that inside space is limited. Luckily for us, our unit has a lovely roomy backyard. With this lovely weather, we are now outside nearly all day!!
Enoying the sunshine!
Here Hatchling Lass and Hatchling Lad are enjoying some nappy-free time, getting some all important sun on winter pale tushies. Water Play is a fabulous way to spend a few hours. 
Our washing machine has finally given up its last leg and completely died, so Hatchling Lass is attempting to 'help' me do the daily washing -lol- while Hatchling Lad concentrates on trying to fit both legs AND butt in his bucket of water.

Since I have been feeling better, I whipped up a messenger bag as a gift for one of Dragonett Lad's friends for a birthday gift.

A Messenger Bag for Friend's Party

It was a complete hit!! YAY!!

And a dear friend saw and requested one each for her boys for library bags. So, one my "good days", I made these two and I am in love! Working with such lovely fabric is a bit of a change from upcycled fabric and I can definitely see why people spend such large amounts of money buying the exxy quilting fabrics -lol-

 Super Hero Library Bags

I hope the intended recipients love them as much as I did making them!

I have a HUGE sewing list planned - I am attending my sister's wedding in a few weeks and, to the dismay of my family -haha!- I am sewing my own dress. I'll show it off once I'm done and you can all judge for yourselves if I did well, or if I should have spent a couple of hundred...
I also have a friend's two girls to make gifts for and finish the curtains for our unit, as well as starting our Christmas Sewing AND we have three more birthdays to go, all needing DragonMumma's sewing skills...
Knowing us, I'll get the curtains done, and we will have to move again :D

Someone asked me if I could do a tutorial on some of the more common things I sew, as I told her, 'we'll see' ;)

Til next time beautiful readers...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Food and the evil 'B' word

Dinner Version -

Ah, that age old quandary of budgeting. For those of us who either have to or want to, budgeting for food and meals can be anything from fun to soul crushing despair.

In the Jolly Dragon household, we range from both sides regularly. Since Hatchling Lass arrived, our food has taken a drastic turn.

Hatchling Lass is currently gluten free, egg free, nut free and dairy free. She is also under the local paediatric team for low growth as well, so she has a special diet we must follow for her.
For myself, I am gluten free (gluten intolerant) and dairy free and the three other dragonetts are gluten free (gluten sensitive).
Lucky DragonPapa, he's free and clear of all of it -lol-

So meals here are, let's say and budgeting this family's food needs is really exxy.

With all the above to keep in mind, making healthy, filling meals that don't break the bank is really important.

We are in a facebook group that share dinner meal ideas, so I thought that I would share here as well - why not, hey? Heehee

Now, we shop at costco probably once every 6-8 weeks as its
a) on the other side of town and about an hours drive away
b) there's not a lot we can buy other than the basics so we don't need to go much more.

On our trip today, we bought a rotisserie chook ($6.99), along with several bags of veggies - snow peas, bean sprouts, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, bok choi, etc. as well as our usual mince.

On the way home, one of my facebook groups notified me that the local woolies had pork roast 50% off - we very rarely buy supermarket pork due to the ethical nature of it all, but sometimes feeding your family takes precedence.

From our rotisserie chook and veggies, we got our lunch today while out and about - chicken with snow peas, bean sprouts and lettuce mix.

Then for dinner, using one breast and the scraps left on the carcass we made a chicken korma on rice, sooo yummy! -chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, rice with a $2 korma jar and for Hatchling Lass, all the same but added coconut cream and no korma mix. Along with the two lunches we put aside for the Hatchlings for tomorrow, we even got a single serve meal left over to throw in the freezer!

Chicken Korma and Rice

Lunch tomorrow will be chicken sushi with the last breast for DragonPapa and I, the Dragonetts for school and leftover korma for the Hatchlings.

And not to leave the very good carcass to waste, tomorrow we will make a chicken soup with it and include celery, peas and corn, onion, garlic, carrot and freeze it for later. Once defrosted and heated up ready to eat, we will add broccoli and mushrooms just before serving. It's an absolute favourite in this house!

So from one $7 chook, we got four filling, healthy meals packed full of protein and veggies.

Tomorrow, we are also really looking forward to our first roast pork in years. We picked up a 2.4kg pork roast for $8! So we are looking at about 5-6 meals from that.

Roast Pork and veggies

With the leftovers -
Pork Kebabs
Cold slices for sandwiches
Sweet and Sour Pork
Pork Curry

So budgeting meals doesn't just have to be beans and toast or rice and lentils. It just takes a bit of know-how and learning where to spend your money to get the best results. And always keep looking. You always seem to find a better deal when you least expect it, well, that's our experience -ha!-

Monday, August 31, 2015

Convos With Dragonetts

DragonPapa is attempting to get kids ready for school when this convo happens

DP - "Come on, lets hurry up guys!"
Dragonett Lad - " No, I'm still asleep"
DP - "Well wake up quick quick mate"
*very firm voice* Dragonett Lad - "No. I am asleep and will be very slow today. I might tell Mrs G too..." (Mrs G is his teacher) *cue watching Dragonett Lad slow right down and wander almost aimlessly past my bedroom door*

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting my Sewjo Back

It's been a rough few years here, hence the silence on the blog front. Noone wants to read about other peoples boring problems -lol-.
So to say I lost my Sewjo in the stress would be a fair thing.

But recently, I put my foot down and said that it was time to do some stuff for me. So I got out the box of sewing stuff and promptly realised that in the move we recently did, a lot of my sewing items got damaged or went missing. Bugger!

Off to the Repair Shop but with the bill starting at $150 just for my machine and $300 for both mine and Dragonett Lass', simply out of our pockets reach.
Then...Spotlight had a sale!! Woot!!

A very basic new machine for me for $89 and a new portable one for Dragonnett Lass for $40 and you have two very happy sewists!!

Sadly, the 'Flu then hit our house hard with everyone taking their turn, so it was a long while before I could even open the box!!

Then, finally, I could feel the lure again.

We have moved from our lovely but highly stressful 4 bedroom home to a teeny 2 bedroom unit so I now have limited places to sew. But never fear beautiful readers, where there is a will, there is always a way!

Our kitchen table! Well, by kitchen I mean only -lol-. The spot many of us space-limited sewists use all around the world!
With the added bonus of our spare tv (that my darling DragonPapa went and hooked up for me to use use as I sew!!

Sewing @ the kitchen table
So, I rummaged about in my way-too-many-patterns and found a new one I just found at my Rummage Sale - complete with the size pattern pieces already traced and cut out! Love when that happens!

40 mins later, I had a pair of Avengers fleecy pants for Hatchling Lass... that was too small. Whoops! She finally grew a bit I guess. So correction, after 40 mins, I had a pair of Avengers fleecy pants for Hatchling Lad and 12 mins after that, a 'proper' fitting pair this time for Hatchling Lass -haha-

Not bad if I say so myself!!

Hatchling Lad in his new pants

Hatchling Lass in her (now fitting) pants

2 down and 2 to go now! Dragonett Lass has informed me on apparently how her pants are to be... gotta love 9yr olds -lol-!

I am so glad to have my sewjo back - my sewing list is looooong and only gets longer by the day...